Salon Suites and Modern Technology

As a salon suite manager, you know the competition for the most popular stylists is tough. What can you do to ensure that your salon suites stand out and get a leg up on your competitors?

Many salon suite managers are choosing to upgrade their buildings, using technology to do everything from attracting customers to accepting deliveries. Let’s explore some ways to upgrade your salon suite and ensure your business thrives. 

You Might Upgrade Your Salon Suite With:

  • Smart locks
  • CRMs
  • Property management systems

Smart Locks

Salon Suites and Modern Technology

When it comes to securing a salon suite, more and more managers are turning to specialized locks that connect to the internet and help save you time searching for keys, while also saving time and money — granting additional peace of mind.

Today’s security measures include upgrades like motion and heat sensors — guaranteeing your property’s safety against break-ins or natural disasters. But you can also count on smart technology like locks, keypads, and intercoms to make administering your property more accessible as well. 

For example, the best locks come with internet connectivity and smartphone apps, which unlock a host of convenient features. You’d be able to let anybody in from afar with just a few swipes. Say goodbye to getting up in the middle of the night to open the door for a stylist and their client! 

Smart locks are also helpful when it comes to receiving deliveries. Salons are always receiving deliveries like new furniture or any supplies that stylists might need. And taking the time out of your day to receive deliveries and verify the identities of drivers might be inconvenient.

Luckily, the best access products can make accepting deliveries a seamless process. They allow you to send virtual Delivery Keys to delivery drivers, allowing couriers access to your property with keyless credentials, like QR codes or PIN numbers.  

You’d also be able to empower stylists with their own access control credentials and give them their own ways to open the door. Clients might want access to their stylists at all hours, and you can outfit your clients with the same credentials and ensure that your salon customers can always get the service they need.


Salon Suites and Modern Technology

CRM stands for “customer relationship management,” and many salon suite managers are using specialized CRM software to reach out to potential customers and clients.

With the help of CRM software, salon suite managers can increase the number of people they reach out to and communicate with. CRM tools help with this by offering a one-stop shop where managers can store contact information, communicate with leads and clients, and manage social media or email marketing campaigns. 

As a salon suite manager, you can approach a CRM in one of two ways. You can focus your marketing efforts on the customers themselves. Then, customers can pick their own stylists, allowing your salon space to thrive. Or, you can market your space towards salon stylists and count on the stylists you attract to establish relationships with their own customers.

Either way, CRM tools allow you to scale your marketing operations, reach out to more people, and get more responses from the people you reach out to. 

Property Management Systems

Salon Suites and Modern Technology

A property management system centralizes all of the crucial building systems that keep your stylists and their clients comfortable and safe. For example, you might be in charge of crucial building systems like plumbing, heating, and lighting — and a property management system offers you a way to use smart technology to manage every system at once.

For example, let’s see how smart upgrades for your lighting system can save you money. A smart lighting system that detects how bright the sun is can dim itself or even shut off if there’s enough natural light in a space. After all, there’s no reason to spend money lighting a space that’s already lit! Then, you can reap the benefits of smart lighting and property management systems every time you receive a lower-than-average utility bill. 

What’s more, the best access systems integrate with your other property management systems — helping you reap the benefits of an interconnected, data-driven workplace.

For example, let’s say that you’re onboarding a new stylist. 

On another property, you might have to manually hand out keys to your stylists. But in salon suites with property management and access control systems, all you have to do is enter your stylist’s information into your system — and both of you are good to go! You can set up stylists to have their own keyless access credentials, cutting down on the amount of time you spend on key management.

And when stylists move on, you won’t have to worry about collecting keys back from them — you simply remove them from the system, and every piece of access hardware on your property will update automatically. The convenience of onboarding and leaving will do a lot to attract top stylists to your suites and allow you to outpace your competitors.  

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