Get More Natural Light In Your Home – 5 Useful Tips

So…you have decided to go in search of ways that will effectively bring a little more natural light into your dark and dreary home. You wish to provide your living quarters with that long-lost flicker of life and brighten up your entire living space. Don’t get me wrong you adore your humble abode however, feel it lacks when it comes to taking advantage of the sun’s rays.

In all honesty, you long for your home to be enveloped with natural light as in reality, you feel as if you have been transported back to the dark ages and are actually the inhabitant of a gloomy cave! 

The truth is, gifting your living space with the power of natural light comes with so many fantastic benefits. It will not only provide you with the ability to transform your humble abode into the ultimate beacon of light, illuminating your entire home but it can also have some pretty tremendous effects on your overall health too. Plus it can save you a small fortune when it comes to shelling out on those staggering energy bills, which is a bonus! 

Useful Ways To Get More Natural Light In Your Home

Now, you may think that making the transition to natural light could be a complex endeavour however, you could not be more wrong. There are masses of ways to bring more natural light into your home by adopting the most subtle of changes. Here are a few useful ways to get more natural light into your dark, lifeless home!

1. Choose the Right Colors for Your Home Interior!

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to reflect natural light back into your home is by opting to use the right colours to decorate your walls? It’s true! By simply choosing specific shades you can successfully turn your home from a dark hole in a fortress that illuminates!

For top results, try using light reflective paints that are high gloss to give them a mirror-like effect, this really will attract the natural light, causing it to bounce around the room and bring it to life! However, don’t forget about your ceiling too, and ensure to always paint your ceiling with a color that is much lighter than that used on your walls, preferably a flat white shade.

2. Upgrade to Plantation Shutters!

Considering upgrading your current set-up for plantation shutters is a smart idea when it comes to generating that desired natural light. There are plantation shutters for every style of home and all come in a bright white shade which already makes a dramatic difference to any space. Plantation shutters give the user ultimate control when it comes to managing light, allowing them to fill their homes with the sun’s natural rays on a beautiful day or shut out any gloomy days that let’s say, they would rather not witness! Let the light spill in and keep the doom and gloom out!

3. Install Skylights!

Useful Ways To Get More Natural Light In Your Home

One of the most effective ways you can bring more natural light into your home is by opting to install skylights. Skylights are basically windows situated upon the roof, facing towards the sun, and can inflict the most dramatic of changes within a room. Skylights draw in the sun’s rays, allowing masses of natural light to spill in, evidently brightening up even the dullest of spaces. Skylights also provide the room with a light and airy atmosphere, ultimately, giving the illusion that the space is far more spacious than it actually is.

4. Opt for Reflective Room Accessories!

A great way to effectively illuminate your living space is to kit out your home with some reflective accessories. Reflective items have the power to catch the sun’s rays and transport them around your dull room, brightening up even the darkest of places. Accessories such as mirrors, glass/reflective tiles, chandeliers, metallic photo frames, and other reflective furnishings are an effective way to generate more natural light into your home and will provide that flicker of life you have been longing for!

5. Paint Your Overhangs Nice and Bright!

Useful Ways To Get More Natural Light In Your Home

Now granted, your home’s overhangs and eaves certainly do provide that much-needed protection when that torrential weather decides to rear its ugly head but in all honesty, they can be one of the main culprits that cause the natural light to evade your property on a beautiful day. Now, there is a solution and it is pretty simple, paint them white! By painting the overhangs of your home white, you will be able to successfully reflect the natural light into your home and have those long-awaited sun’s rays grace your living space.

So…when looking to bring more natural light into your dark and gloomy abode, bear in mind to opt for a few reflective accessories, use light paint indoors and out, upgrade your current window set-up and maybe think about installing a skylight. By doing so, you will soon be on your way to transforming your home from the dark ages into a home that bursts with natural light!

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