Save Money With A Timely MOT

Your annual MOT is a must if your car is three years old or more, and it can be a joy, with your vehicle sailing through the checklist without issues, or it can be a trial, costing you money and time before you are safely back on the road. But there are ways to help your car get through the MOT painlessly and without breaking the budget, and the most important factor is timeliness. Let us look into this a bit more.

Save Money With A Timely MOT

Drive Sensibly

This should be standard practice when you are behind the wheel – drive carefully and at the appropriate speeds for the roads you are on and the condition of your car. Saving money on wear and tear not incurred is something of an invisible saving, being money not spent rather than money actively saved, but it is a saving nevertheless.

Think Ahead

Moving on to the MOT, in particular, make sure you know what the MOT inspector will be looking for. The lists are freely available online, and you can get into the habit of checking off certain tasks on a weekly or monthly basis. These include checking and changing the vehicle’s light bulbs, making sure your number plate is firmly fixed and clearly legible, and ensuring that your fluids are topped up to optimal levels at all times.


Save Money With A Timely MOT

Set aside a small car maintenance budget from the moment you get your vehicle and put that money aside. It does not have to be a lot, anything from £20 per month is a good start, leaving you, at the end of the year with a modest sum of £240 to pay for the MOT and have the car serviced immediately beforehand – in fact, you should be left with some ‘change’ to get a head-start on next year’s MOT!

If your car is very old and prone to issues, you may want to boost your monthly savings accordingly. Having this nest egg will not only give you peace of mind but will also help reduce the risk of you getting into debt in order to keep your car on the road.

Shop Around Finally, shop around before you commit your vehicle to any particular service station. The MOT cannot be more than the government-set price of (currently) £54.80, but many garages offer free or discounted MOTs along with services and other products. Find a reputable MOT inspector, choose the services you need, and do it all in good time to ensure you pay the best price for your MOT.

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