Sette by Scarpetta: A Culinary Symphony for Valentine’s Day

In the heart of romance, Sette by Scarpetta embraces the spirit of love by curating an indulgent set menu for Valentine’s Day.

This bespoke culinary journey promises a symphony of flavours, drawing inspiration from both Italian finesse and the vibrant energy of New York City.

A Delectable Symphony: Unveiling the Valentine’s Menu

Sette by Scarpetta invites diners to immerse themselves in a five-course set menu, artfully crafted to captivate the senses. As a prelude, guests are greeted with the sophistication of Ruinart Brut, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening.

Sette by Scarpetta: A Culinary Symphony for Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Sette by Scarpetta unveils a culinary masterpiece crafted to elevate the romantic dining experience. Prepare to embark on a delectable journey through an exquisite menu meticulously curated to enchant the senses.

From tantalizing canapés to sumptuous antipasti, pasta creations, and indulgent dolce, each dish is a harmonious blend of premium ingredients and culinary artistry. Join us in celebrating love and savouring moments of pure indulgence with Sette by Scarpetta’s extraordinary Valentine’s Day offerings.

Scallop Crudo Extravaganza

The culinary odyssey begins with the Scallop Crudo, a delicate dance of flavours featuring Caviar and finger lime. This exquisite starter showcases the restaurant’s commitment to elevating seafood to an art form.

Sette by Scarpetta: A Culinary Symphony for Valentine's Day

Set against the backdrop of Sette by Scarpetta’s chic and intimate atmosphere, the Scallop Crudo transports diners to the coastlines of Italy. The succulent scallops, adorned with the subtle pop of caviar and the citrusy burst of finger lime, create a symphony of tastes.

Each bite is a celebration of the ocean’s bounty, expertly curated to ignite the palate and set the stage for the culinary journey that lies ahead.

Ravioli Elegance: Cacio e Pepe with Black Truffle

The second act unveils the Ravioli Cacio e Pepe, adorned with black truffle, charred leeks, and brown butter. A harmonious blend of textures and tastes, this dish pays homage to the marriage of Italian tradition and modern culinary creativity.

Delving into the heart of Italian culinary heritage, the Ravioli Cacio e Pepe takes a classic dish to new heights. The handmade pasta, enveloping a luscious blend of cacio e pepe, showcases the chef’s dedication to authenticity.

The addition of black truffle, charred leeks, and brown butter elevates the dish, creating a symphony of rich and nuanced flavours. It’s a culinary masterpiece that captures the essence of Sette by Scarpetta’s commitment to culinary excellence.

Sette by Scarpetta: A Culinary Symphony for Valentine's Day

Pastrami Perfection: Ribeye for Two

For those seeking a shared culinary adventure, the Pastrami Ribeye takes centre stage. Designed to be savoured together, this dish promises to be the pièce de résistance of a truly romantic dinner.

As the main course unfolds, the Pastrami Ribeye emerges as a showstopper, beckoning lovers to share in its sumptuous glory. The succulent ribeye, prepared with the precision that defines Sette by Scarpetta, is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to creating unforgettable dining experiences.

Served with an artistic flair, the dish encourages shared enjoyment, fostering a connection between diners. The Pastrami Ribeye is more than a meal; it’s a declaration of love through culinary artistry.

Sipping Bliss: Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Complementing the gastronomic delight are specially crafted Valentine’s cocktails, each a testament to mixology mastery.

Sette by Scarpetta: A Culinary Symphony for Valentine's Day

I Got You: A Heartfelt Blend

“I Got You,” a concoction of Diplomatico Reserve, Lustau Vermouth, Zucca Rabarbaro, and Almond Syrup, embodies the spirit of care and attention to detail.

The “I Got You” cocktail, a nuanced blend of Diplomatico Reserve, Lustau Vermouth, Zucca Rabarbaro, and Almond Syrup, emerges as a celebration of thoughtfulness in mixology.

Crafted with precision and passion, each ingredient contributes to a harmonious whole, creating a cocktail that speaks to the heart. It’s more than a drink; it’s a gesture of warmth and connection, mirroring the romantic ambience of Sette by Scarpetta.

Isn’t She Lovely: A Floral Symphony

The “Isn’t She Lovely” cocktail, featuring Seatrus Gin Acqua di Mare, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup, Chambord, Antica Formula, Vanilla Bitter, and Egg White, is a tribute to the beauty of love.

Sette by Scarpetta: A Culinary Symphony for Valentine's Day

As the second cocktail graces the table, “Isn’t She Lovely” unfolds as a floral symphony of flavours. The infusion of Seatrus Gin Acqua di Mare, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup, Chambord, Antica Formula, Vanilla Bitter, and Egg White creates a sensory experience that mirrors the delicate dance of love.

Each sip is a journey through layers of taste, embodying the elegance and beauty of a romantic connection.

Darling Baby: A Toast to Romance

Indulge in the “Darling Baby” cocktail, crafted with Ruinart Brut, Fresh Strawberry Puree, and Homemade Vanilla Syrup, as you raise a glass to love’s sweetest moments.

The final act in the cocktail ensemble, “Darling Baby,” captures the essence of romance in a glass. Crafted with Ruinart Brut, Fresh Strawberry Puree, and Homemade Vanilla Syrup, this cocktail is a toast to the sweetness of love.

With each sip, diners are transported to a world where every moment is cherished, and love is celebrated with the clinking of glasses.

Sette by Scarpetta: A Culinary Symphony for Valentine's Day

Melodic Enchantment: Live Music Throughout the Evening

Adding a melodic layer to the romantic ambience, live music performances will serenade diners, ensuring an enchanting Valentine’s Day dinner experience.

The symphony of flavours and aromas at Sette by Scarpetta is further enhanced by live music performances throughout the evening. As diners indulge in the culinary artistry and sip on expertly crafted cocktails, the melodic tunes serve as a backdrop to an enchanting Valentine’s Day experience.

Whether it’s the soft strumming of a guitar or the soulful notes of a piano, the live music adds an extra layer of romance, transforming the evening into a sensory feast for the heart and soul.

A Date with Romance: Details and Reservations

This Valentine’s Day spectacle is available exclusively on the 14th of February, with a price tag of £135 per person. To secure your place in this culinary romance, reservations are highly recommended.

In conclusion, Sette by Scarpetta orchestrates a Valentine’s Day celebration that transcends the ordinary. Through a meticulous blend of culinary artistry, bespoke cocktails, and live music, this dining experience promises to be a harmonious ode to love. Secure your spot for an evening of unparalleled romance at Sette by Scarpetta.

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