Should You Hire A Car Transport Service?

When you plan to relocate, you have various things to take care of. It would be best if you moved all your belongings, and had your car delivered to your new destination. Hiring a reputable car transport company makes interstate car shipping safer and more straightforward. Below is a list of things to consider before hiring a car transport service.

Do Your Due Diligence

When searching for a reliable auto transport company, you should not settle for the first name that pops out in your Google search. After all, different auto shipping companies have different rates, different customer service philosophies, and different insurance coverage. You must do your homework and commit to online research to find a reliable car moving company.

Should You Hire A Car Transport Service?

When looking for vehicle transport services, check the company’s ratings and reviews via the Better Business Bureau and ensure that each company checks with the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT). The companies you contact should provide you with a US DOT number to help you explore the safety record. Once you do your due diligence, you will better understand reputable companies offering excellent customer experiences.

Avoiding Auto Transport Brokers

Contacting an auto transport company helps you know exactly the vehicle they are using and who will handle your car. You can quickly reach the car transport company if scheduling or damage issues occur. Such things are troublesome if you hire a transport broker to move your vehicle.

Should You Hire A Car Transport Service?

Transport brokers bid your car to actual auto transport companies and act as middlemen; they do not care about who moves your car for you. They often sell to the highest bidder without considering their experience, and car owners will have no say over the matter. Ensure you deal with an actual vehicle transport company and avoid transport brokers to control what is going on with your car.

Is The Car Transport Company Registered And Licensed?

You are advised not to take anything for granted when searching for the best car transport company. The auto transport company you choose to work with must have proper licenses to ensure your car is moved from one location to the other with ease. It may seem obvious to inquire about the licensing, but fewer than reputable auto transport companies operate without the required licensing.

Should You Hire A Car Transport Service?

The company you hire to move your vehicle has to be registered with the US DOT and receive a number. You can then use the number during the verification process to learn more about the company’s information and safety reports. The customer service representative from the company you contact should provide you with the US DOT number and consider it a red flag if they hesitate to provide one.

Explore Insurance Coverage

It would be best not to assume that your car insurance policy may cover the risks of moving your vehicle. Do due diligence to ensure that your carrier provides the required insurance coverage. You may even get a copy of the auto company’s insurance from their website and explore it to identify what is covered and not covered during the shipping process. If you do not feel that the coverage provided is substantial, you may request the price of additional coverage.

Understand Pickup, Delivery, and Payment Options

Should You Hire A Car Transport Service?

There are some considerations you must keep in mind before moving your vehicle. You must have a copy of a photo ID in handy and be prepared to sign the required paperwork and participate in a vehicle inspection. If you are unavailable during the pickup or delivery, you can arrange for a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor to be there. You have to know in advance the types of payments that the auto transport company accepts to make payments when you receive your car.

Prepare Your Car for Transport

Before the auto transport company driver shows up to take your car, you must assess the condition of your vehicle. Ensure your car is in good mechanical shape and remove all personal items inside your vehicle. Top off all fluids and ensure the tank has at least a quarter of gas. You must take photos of existing damage and document them ahead of time to ensure a smooth inspection during delivery.

Should You Hire A Car Transport Service?

Before settling for an auto car delivery service, you should spend more time exploring the available options. Once you narrow down the list, you can contact each company and ask questions regarding your vehicle transportation needs.

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