Should You Use A Dab Pen Or A Dab Rig?

Dabbing refers to the process of inhaling concentrates of cannabis to experience different physiological sensations. It is usually used as a stress reliever but sometimes can cause hallucinations and nausea.

Cannabis, also called a dab or a wax is highly concentrated and contains a lot of THC, the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana. One dab is four times stronger than smoking a single joint and gives you a more powerful high all at once instead of gradually building up to it.

Dabbing can be carried out through a dab rig or electric erigs, or you can find a premium dab pen online. However, if you’re confused about which device to use, we’re here to solve your doubts. Keep reading this article to learn more about it.

Should You Use A Dab Pen Or A Dab Rig?

Dab Pens

Dab pens are a new invention and compact electronic devices that release marijuana dab vapor. They look similar to vape pens and e-cigarettes but serve a different purpose.

Dab Pens Are Discreet

Teenagers and young adults mostly use dab pens because of their discreetness. It is easy to dab even in public places without raising any alarm.

Moreover, in this case, no smoke or strong smell is associated with the traditional way of smoking marijuana, and you get a strong hit without having to search for a way to roll joints discreetly.

Should You Use A Dab Pen Or A Dab Rig?

Dab Pens Allow For More Control

These pens are usually used by vapers having prior experience and an idea about the temperature they want the dab to be subjected to. The heat can be adjusted according to the preference, allowing for more heating if needed.

It also needs to be loaded by hand and is suitable for users who like to handpick their dab experience.

Besides, the various components of dab pens can be changed, cleaned, or replaced as per personal discretion, which many users find beneficial.

Dab Pens Are Easier To Use

Using a dab pen is pretty simple and similar to vape pens.

You just need to place your dab on the coil created explicitly for that purpose, and the heat causes it to melt into a liquid.

After that, this liquid is absorbed by the pen and heated further to form vapors, which are then inhaled.

Should You Use A Dab Pen Or A Dab Rig?

Dab Rig

Dab rigs have been used for some time now and work like bongs. Essentially, the dab is placed in a container and heated to release the vapor from the pipe, which is then smoked.

Dab Rigs Produce A Powerful Hit

Dab rigs are known to produce a powerful hit that cannot be replicated anywhere else. In addition, the mechanism ensures that no matter what kind of dab you use, you will get a maximum dose of the vapor, making for a highly intense dabbing experience.

It is superior to the experience of rolling a joint. Once the rig is at the desired temperature, it will keep producing a steady stream of flavorful vapor to get you high.

Dab Rigs Do Not Need Electricity

Dab rigs are operated manually and do not require electricity to function. Thus, you can use it practically anytime if you have your rig, a dab, and a blowtorch that acts as the heat source.

The lack of batteries makes it more dependable as you never have to recharge it, and you can use it as and when you like.

Should You Use A Dab Pen Or A Dab Rig?

Dab Rigs Are Efficient

Dab rigs render a smooth dabbing experience and are more efficient in converting the dab into vapors. Unlike joints, there is no chance of burning your throat or suffering a coughing fit if you adjust the temperature to a lower degree.

Dab rigs make dabbing easier on your throat and enable you to experience the high without unnecessary discomfort.


You can choose between the two items depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for. However, remember that dab rigs are generally more expensive and fragile, while dab pens are available at a significantly lower price as they don’t last as long as the rig.