4 Stages Of Marijuana Plant Growth

Marijuana plant cultivation needs many conditions in care and environment that change according to each step of the weed growth process.

The taste and quality of your cannabis bud harvest depend on your understanding of the growing marijuana phases and your plants’ lifespan. Take careful notes on when and how you complete each stage of your weed bush cultivation, remarking:

  • Environment, temperature, air humidity;
  • Amount of water and watering intervals;
  • Amounts of nutrients;
  • Pruning and topping timing.

Well, let’s check out the main phases of growth of cannabis bushes, where you should pay attention while they last and how to improve and accelerate the process of growing marijuana strains. You will find a lot of useful information about marijuana and its cultivation on the Ask Growers.

4 Stages Of Marijuana Plant Growth

How Long Does Weed Take To Grow?

First-time growers usually wonder how long for weed to grow? Cultivating a cannabis plant from planting seeds to harvesting buds might take several months, depending on where you cultivate it. Your plant can blossom in only a few weeks if you have an indoor grow space. Weed-cultivator may compel a cannabis plant to blossom, growing it indoors.

Remember that the outside environment would have an impact on your growing area. You may need to install heaters in the cold seasons or ventilation and air conditioners in the heat.

Marijuana plants are annuals, which means they exist for one life cycle and then die. You will be able to collect weed buds for ingestion during the blossoming phase. Cannabis bushes will wither and decay if nobody harvests them within a few weeks of maximum flowering.

4 Stages Of Marijuana Plant Growth

What Are A Weed Plant’s Growth Stages?

You must pay attention to several elements of the cannabis plant condition at all stages of a marijuana plant. There are four main weed plant stages of growth:

  • Germinating;
  • Seedling;
  • Vegetative;
  • Flowering/harvesting.

Cannabis Seed Germination (3-10 days)

Marijuana seeds germinate in three to ten days. A weed seed should be light- to dark-brown in tone and feel firm and dried. Undeveloped seeds are mushy and green, white in appearance. They are unlikely to sprout. To ensure that seeds germinate properly, the gardener must ripe them enough. Keep your seeds in a moist and dark place. Some growers would put them in a cup of water covered in a wet paper towel on a shelf.

When you expose the seeds to light and moisture place, it increases hormones and accelerates growth. As the roots mature, the stalk rises, and the first distinctive fan leaves appear, at which time your weed plant is called a seedling.

4 Stages Of Marijuana Plant Growth

Seedling Stage In Cannabis Plants (2-3 weeks)

The marijuana bushes require sufficient illumination at the seeding stage. Make sure it gets lots of light for at least 16 hours every day. A strong sprout should be juicy green in color. As a seedling, the germ will grow only one ridged blade of leaves. However, new blades emerge gradually. Giving a specified amount of water throughout the seedling stage is essential. Because the baby weed plant has such a little root system, it is critical not to overwater it.

Growing conditions must be maintained clean throughout this time. Knowing the cannabis breed of the seeds is crucial so you can act appropriately.

Vegetative Stage In Cannabis Plants (3-8 weeks)

The most significant variation in weed growth time occurs during the vegetative stage, after seedling and blooming. A seedling initiates vegetative development when it has seven sets of pointed leaves.

Cannabis’ vegetative stage typically lasts from 3 to 16 weeks. Sativa plants are tall and have fewer leaves than Indica ones, which are smaller and denser. You should move your plant into the big container at this time because the roots and leaves are growing quickly. Growers usually start topping and training bushes at this point.

If you need to know the sex of your seedlings (to get rid of the males), they will begin to exhibit sex organs a few days into the veg stage. Separate male plants so that they do not pollinate the females. It will benefit the plants if you dry out the ground at this phase.

4 Stages Of Marijuana Plant Growth

Cannabis Flowering Stage (8-11 weeks)

The cannabis blooming stage is the ultimate stage of weed plant growth, and it is when the plant enthusiast may pick his first yield. As summer transitions into fall, the blooming occurs naturally outside as the plant gets less light every day. Indoor gardeners can induce flowering by decreasing the concentration of sunlight from 18 to 12 hours each day. The blooming stage begins at eight weeks and can last up to 11 weeks, with three distinct phases:

  1. Flower growth. At this stage, the plants’ buds begin to form.
  1. Mid flowering stage. This phase lasts from the fourth to the fifth week. Because the buds get larger, the plants cease growing.
  1. Late flowering stage. The plants grow thick, and the blossoms emit a strong odor. It is critical to regulate the temperature and check the progress in preparation for harvesting.

It is better to harvest when half of the trichomes are translucent. This approach yields the most THC while producing the least CBD.

When Do Buds Grow The Most?

The weed buds appear fully after 8-10 weeks of cannabis bush cultivation. It’s also when the scent of marijuana flowers might get overwhelming!

4 Stages Of Marijuana Plant Growth


How long does it take to grow marijuana depends on your conditions and environment. Keep a weed cultivation diary to keep track of your plants’ growth. Examining your notes can help you make the right decisions and increase the effectiveness and amount of your buds’ yield in the following seasons.

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