Luxury Trackside Hotel Escapade Silverstone To Open In 2024

Silverstone, steeped in the rich history of motorsport, stands poised for a groundbreaking transformation as it prepares to unveil Escapade Silverstone—a visionary trackside hotel and clubhouse that promises to redefine the very essence of the racing experience.

Spring 2024 marks the calendar date when the doors of Escapade Silverstone will majestically swing open, extending an invitation to all those who yearn to embrace the lifestyle of a racing driver, not just for a fleeting moment but throughout the entire year.

Luxury Trackside Hotel Escapade Silverstone To Open In 2024

Capturing the Spirit of Racing Excellence

Escapade Silverstone draws its inspiration from the unwavering pursuit of perfection that has become synonymous with British motorsport. This extraordinary establishment stands as a testament to the relentless commitment to excellence that pervades the motorsport community.

Within its walls, it offers a collection of 60 modern living spaces, thoughtfully intertwined with a vibrant Clubhouse—a true epicentre of action. In doing so, Escapade Silverstone creates an unmissable opportunity for a diverse array of individuals, including die-hard racing enthusiasts, discerning connoisseurs of fine cuisine, adrenaline junkies, families seeking adventure, and corporate trailblazers looking to make their mark. For each of these personas, Escapade Silverstone promises an immersive journey into the high-octane world of motorsport.

Stephen Nash, the General Manager of Escapade Silverstone, stands at the helm of this audacious venture. With an unwavering passion for motorsport and a distinguished career encompassing prestigious five-star hotels and exclusive private members clubs, Nash embodies the spirit of Escapade Silverstone. He exclaims, “Silverstone now offers best-in-class accommodation and hospitality that connects guests with the action on and off the race circuit, from motorsport events to track days, year-round.”

A Panorama of Trackside Majesty

The jewel in Escapade Silverstone’s crown lies in its 60 new residences and the Clubhouse, all of which occupy an enviable position right on the legendary racing circuit. From these vantage points, guests are treated to awe-inspiring vistas of nine corners, including the revered Copse, Maggots & Becketts, and two electrifying high-speed straights.

Luxury Trackside Hotel Escapade Silverstone To Open In 2024

This panoramic view of the track isn’t just an indulgence; it’s a profound connection to the very essence of motorsport. It’s a rare opportunity for true aficionados to become an integral part of the racing action, immersing themselves in the thrill like never before.

Jenson Button, the Formula 1 World Champion, found himself utterly captivated during his visit to Escapade Silverstone. He declared with conviction, “This is probably the best place in the world to watch a Formula 1 car.” Such an endorsement from a motorsport luminary underscores the extraordinary appeal of this trackside haven.

In Spring 2024, the motorsport world will witness the dawning of a new era—a chapter where Escapade Silverstone will etch its name in the annals of trackside living. It’s a place where luxury seamlessly merges with adrenaline, where racing heritage meets cutting-edge innovation. For those who long to live, breathe, and be a part of the racing driver’s lifestyle, Escapade Silverstone beckons—a place where motorsport dreams come true year-round.

Elevated Experiences through Design and Art

Every facet of Escapade Silverstone is meticulously designed to elevate the guest experience, drawing inspiration from the precision and beauty of motorsport. The result is a welcoming environment where drivers, team principals, collectors, and enthusiasts can unwind and share their passion.

Guests can gather on their private balconies or roof terraces to witness the racing action or head to the Clubhouse’s optimized viewing spaces to enjoy top-notch hospitality, dining, and amenities.

Luxury Trackside Hotel Escapade Silverstone To Open In 2024

The Clubhouse’s ground floor boasts a driver-centric gym, a 15-meter swimming pool, saunas, and treatment rooms, all aimed at maximizing guests’ potential. Ascending the stairs, guests are treated to sweeping floor-to-ceiling views of the track through strategically angled windows that eliminate glare and enhance viewing integrity. The first floor houses a restaurant, bar, private dining room, and a roof terrace with sweeping vistas across the Silverstone estate.

Gourmet Delights and Culinary Excellence

The restaurant at Escapade Silverstone promises to become a culinary destination under the guidance of renowned Head Chef Adam Bateman. It will offer a menu infused with the ‘British spirit’ and global influences, catering to all tastes from hearty breakfasts to satisfying nightcaps.

Reflecting the diverse Escapade community, the menu is internationally inspired and culturally savvy. The private dining room provides an ideal space for special occasions, while the open-air roof terrace offers unparalleled views during the sunny summer months.

Industrial Aesthetic Meets Elegance

The interior design of the Clubhouse, amenities, and residences seamlessly blend an industrial motorsport aesthetic with warmth and high-spec detailing. The result is an ambience that is both invigorating and incredibly relaxing. Stephen Nash affirms, “The Clubhouse provides guests, drivers, and their teams with the chance to come off the track, power down, and connect with like-minded individuals. The space celebrates Silverstone’s rich heritage and elevates its innovative future.”

Art enthusiasts will find themselves at home at Escapade Silverstone, with curated art pieces by Renata Fernandes, the founder of Sleeping with Art, enriching the Clubhouse’s atmosphere. These art spaces will showcase established and emerging artists, including former racing drivers such as Stefan Johansson.

The Clubhouse will feature a diverse range of mixed-media artworks, including original paintings, photography, sculpture, and bespoke digital art, all part of a rotating exhibition program. Fernandes explains, “Escapade Silverstone is an open space to showcase interpretations of speed and the sensations of racing, as well as the beautiful forms and materials found in motorsport.”

Luxury Trackside Hotel Escapade Silverstone To Open In 2024

Immersive Living Options

Escapade Silverstone offers three distinct immersive living options:

Trackside Residences: These 3-4 bedroom front-row residences provide direct circuit views, with cantilevered terraces for an up-close experience, and feature a double garage beneath.

Countryside Residences: Ideal for those seeking privacy and a tranquil countryside outlook, these 2-bedroom residences offer a peaceful retreat.

Dual-Aspect Residences: These 4-bedroom middle-row residences offer partial track views in one direction and expansive countryside vistas from their generous roof terraces.

In Spring 2024, the racing world will witness the birth of a new era in trackside living with Escapade Silverstone. This immersive haven promises to bring motorsport enthusiasts closer to the action than ever before, offering an unparalleled experience that blends luxury, adrenaline, and the rich heritage of Silverstone. Get ready to embrace the racing driver’s lifestyle year-round at Escapade Silverstone.

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