Smokehead’s Smokemask Glass: A Whisky Game-Changer

In a groundbreaking move, Smokehead, the award-winning premium Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky brand, recently introduced a unique and limited edition whisky glass, affectionately known as the Smokemask.

Designed by the acclaimed glassblower, Elliot Walker, renowned for his appearance on Netflix’s ‘Blown Away,’ this glass promises to redefine the way whisky enthusiasts savour their favourite spirit.

Smokehead's Smokemask Glass: A Whisky Game-Changer

A Visionary Creation by Elliot Walker

Elliot Walker, the mastermind behind the Smokemask glass, has harnessed his true originality and creative flair to challenge the conventional whisky experience. This exceptional glass, hand-blown from sleek black glass and shaped with distinct edges, boasts a twisted silver base and an intricate skull seal. Its innovative design covers both the nose and mouth, ensuring that the whisky’s delightful aromas and flavours tantalize the senses simultaneously, creating an unparalleled sensory journey.

Smokehead's Smokemask Glass: A Whisky Game-Changer

Earlier this summer, Smokehead hosted an eagerly anticipated competition that allowed its vibrant and rebellious audience to have their say via social media. Ultimately, it was Walker’s expertise and his bespoke, ergonomic design that captured the hearts of voters. This creation not only epitomizes experimental glassblowing and technical artistry but also introduces a new era of visionary creativity to the world of whisky. The Smokemask is, undeniably, reshaping the way whisky enthusiasts think about and enjoy their beloved spirit.

Embracing Rebellion in Whisky Enjoyment

Smokehead, renowned for its rebellious whisky expressions, is dedicated to offering whisky lovers a unique and untraditional drinking experience. By combining the brand’s passionate spirit with its relentless pursuit of innovation, this masterfully hand-blown glass vessel adds a touch of innovation to the classic ritual of whisky drinking. For those who seek to reimagine their drinking experience, the Smokemask is a welcome invention.

Smokehead's Smokemask Glass: A Whisky Game-Changer

Iain Weir, Brand Director at Smokehead, comments: “Elliot’s winning glassware design is truly a work of art, and it’s been a thrilling journey to witness this project come to life. Naturally, we wanted our Smokehead family to be part of this process, so involving them in the final design vote was imperative. This project embodies our ethos that Smokehead never restricts the ways its whisky can be enjoyed. We can’t wait for the glass to launch later this month and hope it entices drinkers of other malts to use it too.”

Elliot Walker shares his thoughts: “Collaborating with Smokehead on this extraordinary project is a career highlight for me. Smokehead is at the forefront of whisky innovation and unafraid to push boundaries, much like I am with my sculptures. I’m a devoted fan of the brand, and crafting a bespoke item that reflects its rebellious and innovative spirit is an exciting challenge. This glass not only makes a bold statement but also enhances the drinking experience by covering the nose while sipping, allowing the aromas to elevate the taste of the drink.”

In conclusion, the Smokemask Glass, a result of the creative partnership between Smokehead and Elliot Walker, is poised to revolutionize the whisky experience. Its unique design challenges tradition and promises whisky enthusiasts an unforgettable sensory journey, making it a must-have for those who cherish innovation in their whisky enjoyment.

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