Soberanna Furniture Launches The New Majestic Cabinet

London | United Kingdom

When it comes to design there is a very fine line between being trendy and being on trend. A trendy design focuses purely on the now, but in doing so excludes the design’s life when trends and tastes change, as they always do. Soberanna is one of the very few brands that have managed to keep their products on trend yet timeless. The new Majestic Cabinet is yet another confirmation of this.


The exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail makes the Majestic Cabinet a piece that forms as much a part of a home’s decor as it is a focal point. By combining glass and wood in a seamless yet contrasting way, the piece is a harmonious balance between contemporary and classical style.

The usage of smoked glass against the wood is both contrasting and complimenting at the same time. The combination brings together a warm and luxurious tone of opaque and vaguely transparent. The wood has been worked in a way to showcase yet more contrast, that of smooth and course. The surface of the wood has been worked to a high-gloss that is as smooth as the glass, yet has not lost the course and distinct grain of the wood. By accentuating the grains, the surface is a celebration of natural tone and geometric perfection.

Soberanna Furniture Launches The New Majestic Cabinet

Standing at 190 cm high, the Majestic Cabinet, which can also be customized in size and finish, has been skillfully constructed from tempered smoked glass and a combination of Glossy Black Lacquer Wood and Ash Olivato Veneer. With its harmonious balance between contemporary and classic, the Majestic Cabinet is a timeless piece of decor that is definitely a great addition to any room.

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