Fashionable Solutions For Arranging A Country House

If you look at the catalogs of projects, comparing real estate objects, the following is obvious: the “architectural clothes” of the buildings are different. The facade of the house, like human clothing, primarily serves as protection from the environment.

Also, the external cladding of the building testifies to the priorities of the owners, their manner, plus the decoration emphasizes the prestige of the owners.

When designing a country house in a modern style, the appearance of the building is ennobled and a comfortable interior is created. Both tasks are equal.

When finishing, you should pay attention to every little thing. After all, we do the same when we want to be dressed with taste.

Fashionable Solutions For Arranging A Country House

A clear sequence of components that influence the style:

  • Facade colors. Each color has its own effect on psychological perception.

A variety of finishing materials and their texture. Facing should not be monotonous. Each style has its own design.

  • Decor. Decorations suitable for the design will help to achieve harmony.

When designing the design of a country house in a modern style, you need to take into account the following nuance: all of the listed components, as well as the interior of the building, the landscape of the adjacent territory, the facades of buildings in the neighborhood and the surrounding nature, must be in harmony with each other.

In the old days, there were different styles and directions in the design of buildings. The best of them, which have passed the test of time, are now used in building decoration. For example, a universal classic style, a cozy chalet, Provence with light shades, or a half-timbered house with an intricate beam structure.

In the modern design of a country house, you can mix different directions.

In our harsh climate, not all decorative elements can be used. The spacious terraces and balconies inherent in the Mediterranean style have not taken root with us, with them the main building on the site will look out of place. A spectacular Empire style also does not look good in a pine forest or surrounded by log cabins.

Fashionable Solutions For Arranging A Country House

Structures on the territory adjacent to the house must also correspond to the style of the building (fence, benches, and various buildings). The utility block and the garage, which have a strictly rectangular shape, are more suitable for the high-tech direction. For a chalet, a different design should be applied. Carefully consider the choice of material from which the tracks are made.

Thinking through the modern design of a country house, you need to pay attention to the design of flower beds, gazebos, garden sculptures, alpine slides, artificial ponds, etc.

The exterior cladding of the building is recommended to be made of high-quality materials. If the service life of the facade is long, the need for repair occurs infrequently.

Facade Design Options And Decorative Solutions

There are about twenty design directions, each has subspecies, it is impossible to cover everything in one article. We will analyze some of the styles most often found in the modern design of country houses and cottages.

The design of cottages means both exterior decoration and the manner of interior design. All design styles are unique in their own way, let’s focus on the most popular ones. The photos posted in the article will help you imagine the design of modern houses and cottages with your own eyes.

Fashionable Solutions For Arranging A Country House

1. Classic Style

Fashion dictates its own terms, but the classics are always in demand. The design of a modern cottage, made in a classic style, emphasizes with its whole appearance that the owner of the house has great taste, he is thorough, a little conservative, and prefers reliability. Most often, the design project of a modern cottage in a classic style is developed for large houses. It has a number of well-defined details:

  1. At the forefront is harmony – everything is symmetrical, clear, proportional.
  2. A few decorative elements are restrained, with no pomposity and pretentiousness. The elements themselves are majestic – columns, balustrades.
  3. The classics are quite conservative, and preference is given to natural materials: plaster, marble, natural tiles, metal. A wonderful idea is to look for mid century furniture Australia that indicates magnificence and coziness.

2. Baroque

Baroque is a style of artsy, deliberate luxury, which is created with many decorative elements. In the design of modern cottages, baroque style in its pure form is rarely used, as a rule, designers bring in only some of its details. Baroque is characterized by:

  • the neighborhood of straight shapes and curved lines;
  • many columns, gilding, pilasters, various sculptures. All this is intended to emphasize the well-being of the owner of the cottage;
  • abundance in the interior of burgundy, red, green colors in combination with pastel colors.
Fashionable Solutions For Arranging A Country House

3. Modern

The modern style appeared more than a hundred years ago but still has not lost popularity. Art Nouveau is a rejection of strict geometry, quirkiness, and ornate forms while maintaining harmony and a sense of proportion.

Signs of modern style in the design of modern cottages:

  • Smooth curves, natural asymmetry. This is usually reflected in the forms of doors, windows, roofs, decor elements.
  • An appropriate and harmonious combination of both classic finishing materials and new, modern ones. Often used mosaic, stained glass, glazed ceramic tiles.
  • If the design of a modern cottage is completely made in the Art Nouveau style, then its facade will most likely be decorated with floral ornaments.
  • Inside the house, a special place will be occupied by a large hall, around which the rest of the premises are located, connected by descents, turns, stairs, and ascents.

A similar direction is suitable for both one house and a whole cottage village. But since, unlike the classics, the style does not have pronounced rules, the design of modern cottages in the Art Nouveau style is a rather difficult job. It is necessary to feel well the spirit of the past, the spirit of the time in which this direction appeared, to have a subtle sense of harmony and proportion.

Otherwise, the designer will only get something similar to modernity, but not style in its purest form.

4. Minimalism

Minimalism is often found in the design of modern cottages. It is distinguished by its simplicity raised to a power, the absence of unnecessary details, and functionality. Decor elements are used to a minimum, artsy forms are simply excluded. Among the characteristic details of minimalism are the following:

  1. Strict laconic forms, functionality combined with simplicity. The motto of minimalism is nothing superfluous, only what is necessary.
  2. The decoration uses mainly natural materials – stone, wood, glass.
  3. No pretentiousness and pomposity, the absence of complex elements in the decoration.
  4. Light tones and shades, colors without sharp contrasts.
  5. Maximum light due to additional outdoor lighting of the house, large windows, including glass walls.
  6. Minimalism is light, air, and uncluttered space.

You may prefer any style in the design of a modern cottage, but it would be better to entrust the development of a design project to a professional. In addition to the purely external aesthetic component, the house must be functional and meet exactly your needs, which are best taken into account by a professional designer.

However, there is a more budget option – a ready-made standard cottage project. In any case, the house should not only meet your needs but also organically fit into the surrounding landscape.

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