Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated With Margherita Missoni Sale

This spring, Sotheby’s is teaming up with fashion aficionado Margherita Maccapani
Missoni to handpick a personal edit of artworks for ‘Contemporary Curated’, an
online-only sale of contemporary art.

Hailing from a family whose surname has become synonymous with colourfully zigzagged and space-dyed knits, Margherita recently took over as creative director of ‘M Missoni’ – a younger offshoot of her family’s famed fashion house. ‘Re-use’, ‘remix’ and ‘respect’ are the cornerstones of M Missoni. Old advertisements have been pillaged for clothing prints, traditional logos and archive prints have been rewritten with a contemporary twist, and the label’s tried and trusty patchwork is reimagined in new prints. Applauded for embracing sustainable heritage, finger-on-the-pulse instincts and a playful, experiential approach, Margherita stands at the forefront of the fashion world, her influence extending across the globe.

For the eighth edition of the ‘Contemporary Curated’ series in London, Margherita has carefully crafted a compelling selection of artworks, bringing to light a lesser-known aspect of the designer’s distinct creative vision. Artists featured include Eddie Martinez, Damien Hirst, Yayoi Kusama, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Alighiero Boetti, Yoshitomo Nara, George Condo, Victor Vasarely, Katherina Grosse, Fahrelnissa Zeid and many more.

A cacophony of colours, Margherita’s work is free-spirited, irreverent and playful – factors that have influenced her own collecting and which will be reflected in the curation of this sale. Admitting herself that the Missonis are ‘a family of hoarders’, everything the designer collects is imbued with personal resonance, conjuring
memories and concepts that she wishes to be reminded of. Margherita inherited her collector gene from her mother Angela, the creative director of Missoni, and her grandmother, 88-year-old Rosita who founded and ran the family brand with her husband Ottavio until 1997. It was with these inspiring women that Margherita
scoured flea markets around Europe as a child and continues to do so, breathing new life into old treasures.

Speaking about ‘Contemporary Curated’, Margherita said: “ With my designs, I try to capture the zeitgeist of today and, the contemporary artworks that excites me are
those that similarly speak to the time in which we live in. Art has the ability to take us to new depths, leaving us forever different. My personal aesthetic is very emotional. Everything has a narrative in my experience, I’m drawn to references. This not only influences the way I dress but the way I work and the art I choose to collect.

I selected these works for their contrasting materials and textures – a play of opposites that I gravitate towards in my own designs. From Yayoi Kusama’s psychedelic patterns to Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s neon heart, I hope that these pieces will inspire all, just as they captured my imagination during this process.”

Contemporary Curated’ will be open for bidding online between 14 – 21 April. To coincide with the sale, Sotheby’s will debut a new immersive digital catalogue that will be available from April 15. The ‘digital-first’ design of our enhanced catalogues emphasises visual storytelling through video, interactive media, and other rich content formats in a way that moves beyond print media.

For more on how to bid online at Sotheby’s, click here for an informative video and registration details.

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Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Margherita Maccapani Missoni was born in 1983, spending her childhood in the Italian countryside and in Milan during the weekends. After graduating from school, Margherita studied philosophy at Columbia University, New York. She went on to study theatre and acted in Jean Genet’s stage production of The Maids.

Granddaughter of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, who founded her family’s fashion house in 1953, Margherita formerly worked as an ambassador for the house, muse to her
mother Angela Missoni the longtime creative director, and has starred as the face of the brand. In 2010, Margherita became the accessories director for Missoni, before a
break in which she designed her own childrenswear line before taking on the brand’s younger line, M Missoni.

Margherita Missoni’s Picks

“I’ve always been irresistibly drawn and simultaneously repulsed by grotesque aesthetics, I can’t stop myself from staring and then turning away.”

“Kusama’s work has an authenticity that can be rare in contemporary art. Perhaps because her work is not only a revelation of her inner psychic reality but also a time capsule of the emancipatory and utopian moment of the 1960s.”

“Their approach to art is very similar to mine with fashion. I feel lost with millions of things available and I end up choosing discarded elements, giving them new meaning and new life in M Missoni’s collections.”

“Katherina’s work proves that art belongs on any, and every, surface. If you look at one of her pieces you immediately feel that the artist’s gesture is something else, a concept, which can’t just be framed, or incapsulated, or limited in any way.”

“I once read ‘if Duchamp’s aim was to kill art, Anastasi displays the corpse, in various stages of decay.’ I still can’t find better words to describe his ingenius artistic journey through over 50 years.”

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