Spectacular Interactive Showhome Unveiled Moments From The World-Renowned King’s Road

In the world of luxury property development, show homes can offer prospective buyers the very first glimpse of what life could be like if they were to buy. With a high specification and great design often coming as standard, a selection of developers is increasingly bringing fresh, unique approaches to the show home concept, creating new ways to showcase the properties on offer.

In London’s desirable neighbourhood of Fulham, developer St William has done just this – having recently launched an innovative interactive show home at the new landscape-led neighbourhood, King’s Road Park.

Spectacular Interactive Showhome Unveiled Moments From The World-Renowned King’s Road

Bringing in the design expertise of a prestigious design studio, Nick Auston, the show home marries exceptional interiors – leaning on the area’s status as a global design destination by utilising many local design suppliers and businesses – with state-of-the-art technology, offering visitors a wholly new show home experience.

Boasting a prime location, just 60 metres off the King’s Road, once complete King’s Road Park will comprise more than 1,800 high-quality homes – with the new show home presenting an early opportunity to experience the quality and design first-hand. Alongside, it will also bring 23,000 sq ft of exceptional facilities, as well as a considered mix of restaurants, bars and offices set within six acres, including a public park, central square and residents’ garden, which take inspiration from classic English country gardens (prices start at £725,000; contact 020 3432 5831 or visit www.kingsroadparksw6.com).

The first for the new development, the show home is unique in both style and approach. Developed to deliver a fully interactive design, QR codes and near-field communication technology tags feature throughout the property, granting visitors access to a virtual directory using contactless technology. Offering exclusive insights on key design pieces and furniture, local suppliers and the wider development, the directory is accessible for both those visiting in person as well as virtually, wherever they might be in the world.

Spectacular Interactive Showhome Unveiled Moments From The World-Renowned King’s Road

With the technology more commonly found within the luxury retail and hospitality sectors, this unique approach enhances prospective buyers’ experience, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the showhome.

The tags themselves encourage visitors to explore three key themes, including ‘Did you know?’, detailing the creation of King’s Road Park, ‘Build and Technology’, providing interesting facts and unseen details that illustrate the quality found within each property and the ‘Specification & Furniture’ theme which takes visitors behind the scenes of the design and selected soft furnishings, putting a spotlight on local design talent. In this way, visitors gain a more in-depth understanding of the design inspiration and build process, as well as the level of quality and craftsmanship found in each home at King’s Road Park.

Moreover, ideally located between Chelsea and Fulham, Nick Auston Design has drawn on the neighbourhood’s location within what is often considered London’s premier design and creative destination. With many of the furnishings locally sourced, the concept of the distinctive interior is inspired by the local area’s best of British brands – not just celebrating this historic design quarter of the capital, but also supporting local businesses, including Timothy Oulton, The Rug Company and Bespoke Sofa London.

Spectacular Interactive Showhome Unveiled Moments From The World-Renowned King’s Road

The King’s Road, Lots Road and Design Centre and Chelsea Harbour have provided a rich source of inspiration and as a result, the property displays an eclectic mix of established local boutiques alongside prominent global retailers.  Key design pieces include a table lamp from Porta Romana, a luxury brand specialising in local craftsmanship and located at Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour, inspired by the site’s rich industrial heritage.

Spectacular Interactive Showhome Unveiled Moments From The World-Renowned King’s Road

Meanwhile, bringing greenery into the property, house plants have been sourced from southwest London favourite, The Chelsea Gardener. What’s more, the interactive approach features direct links to supplier websites, further enabling interested parties to find out more about the product and celebrate the local creativity and talent.

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