Stained Glass in the Interior: 6 Inspiring Ideas for 2022

Stained glass has plenty of applications besides windows. It is increasingly popular in modern architecture, and the variety of designs and techniques is spectacular. Here are six exciting ways to transform your space with stained glass art this year.

Big and Small

Stained Glass in the Interior: 6 Inspiring Ideas for 2022

Stained glass elements do not have to be massive. Even a suncatcher or an Art Nouveau lamp can become the focal point of your design. When light passes through coloured glass, it creates an unusual atmosphere. Larger-scale applications include:

1.  Partitions

Zone your space with eye-catching partitions. You can embellish plasterboard screens or glass walls with any patterns, but the inserts should not be too transparent.

2.  Windows

This is probably the first thing that springs to mind when you think of stained glass. As sunlight is refracted, lighting changes and so does the space. Stained glass is most suitable for bedrooms and living rooms, but its purpose is not only decorative.

Embellished windows have a practical application — hiding the interior from prying eyes. You could install them in the bathroom or in order to hide a less-than-perfect view. Note that stained glass on windows facing the north side should be lighter.

Stained Glass in the Interior: 6 Inspiring Ideas for 2022

3.  Doors

Stained glass can be used to adorn interior and front doors, including sidelights. With the right design, you will bring your home to life, add depth and character. For example, you could order a tulip design with a hand-hammered handle and a black patina finish. Note that entry doors require laminated, toughened security glass. It must also be fire-resistant and insulated.

Interior doors may include small or large inserts. In the second case, the light will penetrate into adjacent rooms if the glass is sufficiently transparent. Doorways are often decorated with bright abstract patterns.

4.  Ceiling

A stained glass ceiling can make even the smallest room seem bigger, taller, and lighter. It creates the illusion of a roof and infinite space beyond it, which is particularly suitable for living and dining rooms. If you have a suspended drywall ceiling, you can still integrate a window with backlighting.

5.  Niche

Turn a niche in a wall into a one-of-a-kind piece of art! Any eye-catching pattern can also serve as a night light if you add proper lighting. It can also imitate a window opening in a dark room. You could give your niche a practical function — for example, use it as a bar. Nature motives and Art Nouveau elements are particularly popular, but you can use any style matching the interior.

6.  Tables

Stained Glass in the Interior: 6 Inspiring Ideas for 2022

Do you have an old coffee or dining table? Give it a fresh look with a stained glass tabletop! The sandblasting technique ensures style and durability. You will still be able to write on the surface or place hot dishes onto it. Change the entire tabletop or add colourful inserts. Some DIY designers even turn old stained-glass windows into coffee tables!