Start Cooking at Home: These Chains will Let You Recreate Their Dishes

Everyone who loves to cook and eat out at the same time will find themselves attempting to recreate a favourite dish from their beloved restaurant or chain at some point. Lots of us actually experienced this during the pandemic as most folks do not have quick and easy access to their favourite eateries. Their operations are either halted or there are no locations nearby that offer deliveries.

So what can one do to deal with their cravings? Since we can’t simply sneak into the kitchens and nick something pre-prepared off of the fish trays, the best option is to actually recreate the famous dishes yourself at home! Yes, that’s right – at home. Trying to replicate popular dishes isn’t a novel concept. In fact, you’ll find tons of copycat recipes for some of the crowd favourites. Some are good, and others need some work but if you don’t have another choice, they can already dent your cravings a little.

However, it wasn’t until recently that chains started to come up with new ways to provide their exemplary services to their patrons. Even with many stores closed and their customers stuck at home while sheltering in place, they thought of ways to bring their food to the ones who want to indulge a little.

How was this possible? Some chains published some of their actual recipes so people can recreate them at home. This may not sound like good business practice for some but with the current conditions, it can easily be one of the best ways to let millions of people enjoy fast food in the comforts of their own homes.

Which restaurant chains and what dishes can you now whip up at home, you ask? Here are some of our favourites:

Pret a Manger

Start Cooking at Home: These Chains will Let You Recreate Their Dishes

Pret a Manger released their Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe through their Facebook page after being asked for it by many fans. As any choco chip cookie lover is always on the search for the best recipe, may it be through sampling or baking, this move is definitely a welcome one. The chain’s take on this classic treat is well-loved, so lots of folks were very excited to learn about the official recipe. They have also released the vegan version so everyone can enjoy their delicious sweets even if they can’t go to a Pret store.

Panera Bread

If you love Panera Bread, it’s highly likely that you’ve already whipped up a couple of their recipes at home. With their Panera at Home series, it’s definitely not hard to do since you can get some of the actual ingredients you need right at their stores. 

Aside from being able to get Panera products that you can enjoy at home, they also have specialized recipes that are designed to utilize their products. They’ve also released several recipes designed to help fans to come up with good meal ideas. Some are somewhat similar to what they offer in their stores, so you don’t have to settle for copycat recipes that don’t guarantee solid results.

The Cheesecake Factory

Start Cooking at Home: These Chains will Let You Recreate Their Dishes

Unlike other restaurants, the Cheesecake Factory felt very generous in sharing its recipes to the public. While many chains only released one or two recipes, they shared 19. It’s as if they’re fine with you starting your own version of their chain!

The good news is, if you’re a big fan of their restaurant, you can definitely tide yourself through the lockdown period with your homemade version of their meals. They can help expand your meal ideas options, so coming up with what to have for your next meal shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

Papa John’s

Pizzas are fairly easy to make at home so you might not necessarily be looking for a copycat recipe from your favourite pizza chain. However, Papa John’s still joined in on the fun by sharing their Scrolls recipe. They shared two recipes, cheesy Marmite and cinnamon so you can use them to make your meals more fun.


Missing the days when you grab your breakfast to go from a nearby McDonald’s? You can now recreate one of their popular morning offerings at home: the egg and sausage McMuffin. The fun part is that they made the instructions very clear and easy to follow with a straightforward recipe card so it’s hard to fudge it up. 

As a bonus, they also shared a quick hash brown recipe. While it might not necessarily be at par with what the chain offers, if you do well, it can already make do.

Burger King

One of the most surprising recipes shared during the quarantine period is Burger King’s Whopper. While its competitors only shared the recipes of their other best-sellers, this chain took a great leap and offered one of its signature dishes. With the Whopper being as iconic as it is, its recipe is not something you’d expect BK will share willingly.

But since they did, you can now fire up your grill and whip up your very own Whopper at home.

Waffle House

Start Cooking at Home: These Chains will Let You Recreate Their Dishes

Like Panera Bread, Waffle House was a bit more enterprising compared to the other chains listed here. While they did share their signature waffle recipe, it involved a mix that you can only get from the chain. It’s a win-win, when you think about it because you can be sure to replicate the same flavour and the chain still gets to make money from sharing their recipe.

With these, even if you can’t or don’t want to go out of your house to enjoy some of your favourite fast food dishes, you don’t have to miss out so much. While it might be hard to replicate their exact taste and texture, these recipes should still help you satisfy your cravings to some extent.