Sun Safety 101: Tips for Healthy Skin in the Summer

It’s summertime and we’re loving our time in the sun and enjoying water and fun with friends outside. However, there may be something that isn’t getting as much attention as it should: your skin. If you don’t pay attention to the sun on your skin, you may pay for it. If not now, in the future. Consider these tips for summer skincare so you can take care of it better than ever:

Wear Sunscreen – Always

From blemishes to wrinkles, too much exposure to the sun can be detrimental to your skin. Sunspots aren’t uncommon and people with conditions like melasma find that they flare up after time spent in the sun. Additionally, wrinkly skin isn’t uncommon in people who have spent decades without much concern for their skin.

If you want to avoid dealing with these issues and more, go ahead and use sunscreen. Additionally, the use of proper sunscreen can help to prevent skin cancers, making it especially important to have your favourite waterproof sunscreen on hand for every outing.

Sun Safety 101: Tips for Healthy Skin in the Summer

Keep Up With Your Cleansing Routine

A lot of people spend time outside in the summer and if you’re one of those people, you may find that your skin subsequently gets a bit dirtier than normal. The summer is no time to say no to your cleansing routines. Just ask your dermatologist.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to wash away all the sweat, sunscreen, and potentially makeup as well, so that you can have a clean slate for any products you use for extra skincare and moisturizing. If you use any kind of product for skin conditions like melasma, avoid using it in the morning and only use it when you know that you won’t have any sun exposure. Some ingredients can result in worse skin conditions when paired with the sun’s rays.

Stay Moisturizing

A lot of people moisturize in the winter because of how dry their skin gets. Many people avoid this kind of skincare in the summer because of how sweaty they may get. but that doesn’t mean that it’s any time to not moisturize your skin. The heat can dehydrate you and your skin just as much as the winter cold does, so if you want to keep up with soft and supple skin, keep up with moisturizing. 

Sun Safety 101: Tips for Healthy Skin in the Summer

Avoid Peels and Facials

The summer is no time to try to do anything super in-depth with your face, especially if you love your outdoor time. Peels do a number on your skin and going out in the sun the first two weeks after one can leave you with splotches and irregular colour across your face.

The same can be said of beauty procedures, so if you have any kind of special treatment or beauty procedure planned for the summer but also want to be outside, consider postponing those said treatments. If you have to go outside after these kinds of treatments, consider slathering your face with sunscreen so you can do your best to keep your skin protected.

Go an Extra Step 

If you really want to keep your skin cared for in the summer heat and protected from the sun’s rays, invest in as many hats as possible. Your hats may be your best friend during the months when the sun is most intense, especially if you’re hoping to avoid wrinkles or skin conditions related to sun exposure. Additionally, there are different clothing lines for breathable sun wear that cover your skin and keep you protected from the sun while also keeping you cool during the summer heat. Skin cancer is no joke, so if you want to be sure to keep your body safe, go an extra step with sun protection.

In Conclusion

Take care of your skin in the summer. From sunscreen to moisturizing, you want to be sure that you don’t neglect your skincare, so you can keep it looking as beautiful as ever.