Sunday Dining Reimagined: Story Cellar’s Delights

Story Cellar, the rotisserie-style restaurant inspired by the elegance of Paris, recently announced that they are about to make Sundays extra special.

This exciting culinary venture, aptly named “Cellar Sundays,” is all set to delight diners. Created in collaboration with the renowned Two Michelin Star Chef, Tom Sellers, and the ingenious Head Chef Stephen Naylor, Cellar Sundays will redefine your perception of a traditional Sunday lunch.

Sunday Dining Reimagined: Story Cellar's Delights

A Contemporary Twist on Sunday Classics

With Cellar Sundays, you can look forward to a contemporary twist on classic Sunday fare, all infused with the distinctive Story Cellar touch. This weekly feast is a journey through culinary excellence, helmed by Chef Tom Sellers. He has brilliantly reinterpreted timeless favourites, crafting a menu that promises to tantalize your taste buds.

Sunday Dining Reimagined: Story Cellar's Delights

For starters, you can relish Small Plates featuring House Pickles and House Cured Meats, setting the tone for an exceptional meal. A real treat for your palate awaits with Tom’s signature dish from Restaurant Story: Snail Bolognese on toast with parsley butter. The Rotisserie Chicken takes centre stage, sharing the spotlight with other mouthwatering options like Roast rib of beef, Pork Belly with crispy crackling, and a delectable vegetarian offering – Beetroot Wellington.

An Exceptional Experience

No Sunday feast is complete without the trimmings, and Cellar Sundays doesn’t disappoint. Expect a lavish spread, featuring classic accompaniments such as cauliflower cheese, fluffy Yorkshire puddings, honey-roasted carrots, perfectly roasted potatoes, and delicately crushed pumpkin.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with an array of divine desserts. Cellar Sundays brings you Almond & Dill Soft Serve, Apple crumble with velvety vanilla ice cream, Brown sugar brulee, Fig & Cherry Clafoutis, and a nostalgic Bread & Butter Pudding served with tonka and orange custard.

Sunday Dining Reimagined: Story Cellar's Delights

At Story Cellar, dining isn’t just about the food; it’s a complete experience. Their sophisticated wine programme, backed by a state-of-the-art Coravin system, adds an extra layer of refinement to your Sunday dining. This innovative system allows you to sample rare and exceptional wines by the glass – a privilege that’s usually reserved for full-bottle purchases.

Story Cellar will be open seven days a week, ensuring that you have the perfect place for festive dining or a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping in Seven Dials.

In closing, Story Cellar’s “Cellar Sundays” promises to be an exceptional culinary experience that will redefine your Sunday dining traditions. With a menu curated by culinary maestros and an extraordinary wine selection, it’s an opportunity to savour sophistication and indulge in the finest flavours. The extended opening hours ensure that Story Cellar becomes your haven for memorable dining any day of the week. Prepare to be delighted by culinary artistry and unforgettable moments.

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