Sustainable, Zero-Emission Foundry Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are the sustainable future of our world. Unlike natural diamonds, which form from nature, lab-grown diamonds are a product of humanity. Lab-grown diamonds are created artificially, rather than by forming under the pressure of the Earth’s crust after thousands of years in the making like natural ones do.

Even though lab-grown diamonds are artificial and created in a lab, they hold identical properties to their counterpart: natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds do so without harming or negatively impacting the environment. Further, they provide certainty that there is no human toll of mining involved in the process.

When produced under ideal conditions, lab-grown diamonds are just as beautiful and much more sustainable than natural diamonds, the alternative counterparts.

Sustainable, Zero-Emission Foundry Lab Grown Diamonds
Image: Vrai

How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Different Than Natural Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds, also called artificial diamonds, man-made diamonds, and created diamonds, refer to diamonds formed in a laboratory environment. Lab-grown diamonds have an identical physical appearance to those from mining. But, a drastic difference between the two lies in their creations, specifically where each has its origins.

By this, lab-grown diamonds carry no negative environmental impact. They do not have the potential human toll and harm of mining because they are artificial, manufactured in a laboratory without the threat of either of these factors. Mining causes significant environmental damage, like deforestation, soil erosion, and water pollution. The origins of natural diamonds, on the other hand, are very different. 

Scientists produce lab-grown diamonds sustainably in a laboratory and use environmentally-friendly practices, highlighting the only difference between sustainable diamonds and their counterparts. Natural diamonds are instead extracted from the Earth by miners.

Sustainable, Zero-Emission Foundry Lab Grown Diamonds
Image: Vrai

As a result of this sustainability regarding how these kinds of diamonds originate, sustainable diamonds, most importantly, refrain from depleting the Earth of its natural resources, unlike natural diamonds. 

What Is The Process Of Creating Lab Grown Diamonds?

Two procedures for creating diamonds made in a lab include chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and high pressure, high temperature (HPHT). When comparing the two, the CVD way is less costly and energy-efficient, whereas the HPHT is more costly and less sustainable. The CVD method uses vacuum chambers to convert carbon-heavy gasses into plasma with reduced energy consumption.

Kinetics lets the carbon atoms inside the chamber build on top of the diamond seed in a particular, vertical direction so that the rough diamond can develop into a cleaner square shape. On the other hand, the HPHT method is a thermodynamic process that places a diamond seed into pure carbon and then exposes it to extreme heat and pressure.

The carbon secures onto the diamond seed in 14 varying directions and develops a rough diamond with a complex cuboctahedron shape.

Diamonds created in VRAI labs have an identical growing process to that of diamonds that instead come from mining, and they use the more sustainable CVD method to make their diamonds. The process is as follows, in simple terms:

  • Lab-created diamonds will first form carbon atoms under high temperature and immense pressure.
  • Next, they will bond together to develop a crystalline lattice structure. 
    • A crystalline lattice refers to a symmetrical three-dimensional structural disposition of atoms, ions, or molecules inside a crystalline as endpoints. 
  • After fully forming, they are cut and smoothed out for optimal sparkle and brilliance. 
Sustainable, Zero-Emission Foundry Lab Grown Diamonds
Image: Vrai

What Does Sustainable, Zero-Emission Lab Grown Diamonds Mean?

A sustainable product intends to help support and save the planet’s environment, as opposed to threaten or harm it, in how the production of their product occurs. A sustainable product does not endanger or compromise our planet’s resources and keeps future generations’ lives in mind.

Since we do not extract lab-grown diamonds from the Earth, they are considered sustainable products. Lab-grown, sustainable diamonds are ethical, in terms of the environment, due to them not being extracted from the Earth in their creation. In consequence, they help preserve the ecological balance of the planet.

A sustainable, ethically-sourced diamond refers to any diamond sourced ethically. So this means that at every point throughout that business’ supply chain, they made sure to acquire their products and services ethically. This can include aspects like maintaining rights, proper working conditions, health and safety, positive business ethics, and more. 

How Can You Differentiate Lab Grown Diamonds From Each Other? 

Not all diamonds that are lab-grown are equal. Just like diamonds from mining, lab-grown diamonds also come in an array of colors and have different grades in clarity.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Lab Grown Diamonds?

Sustainable, Zero-Emission Foundry Lab Grown Diamonds
Image: Vrai

The naked eye cannot tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and one that comes from mining, so why not decide to save money and be more sustainable and environmentally friendly in the future by purchasing lab-grown diamonds over mined diamonds? Potential benefits of lab-grown diamonds include zero emissions, zero mining, and clear provenance. They are a much more sustainable substitute for natural diamonds.

*Feature Image: Vrai

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