Tattu’s Extravagant New Year’s Eve Celebration & Culinary Delights

In the heart of 2023’s festive season, Tattu, a contemporary Chinese and Asian-fusion dining haven, extends a warm invitation to both its devoted patrons and newcomers alike.

This New Year’s Eve, Tattu promises an unforgettable experience, blending sumptuous cuisine, mesmerizing entertainment, and a front-row seat to the dazzling fireworks display.

Tattu's Extravagant New Year's Eve Celebration & Culinary Delights

A Night of Hedonistic Revelry

As the clock ticks towards midnight on the 31st of December, Tattu transforms into a haven of hedonistic delights. Accomplished DJs will weave a tapestry of deep house beats, accompanied by the enchanting melodies of a live saxophonist, creating an immersive ambience.

When the clock strikes twelve, guests will be treated to breathtaking views of the city skyline, providing the perfect backdrop to London’s renowned fireworks and drone spectacle. To keep the festivities alive, traditional lion dancers will usher in 2024 with boundless energy and passion that will reverberate into the early hours.

Tattu's Extravagant New Year's Eve Celebration & Culinary Delights

Gastronomic Delights for the Day

For those with a penchant for daytime indulgence, Tattu offers a culinary escapade with its legendary à la carte menu. Dishes such as the mouthwatering Seven Spiced Seared Tuna, fiery Szechuan Rock Shrimp, Wok Fired Angry Bird, and Mongolian Mock Beef await discerning palates.

The in-house mixologists have crafted exclusive winter cocktails, including ‘The Great Snow,’ a refreshing blend of GREY GOOSE® vodka, elderflower, lemon, and prosecco, and ‘Zhanshi,’ offering a deeper experience with PATRÓN tequila, coffee, blackcurrant, and oat milk.

Tattu's Extravagant New Year's Eve Celebration & Culinary Delights

Transitioning into Evening Elegance

As the clock strikes 9 PM, the focus shifts to a specially curated set-sharing menu, accompanied by a choice of Tattu’s Signature cocktails or the refined Laurent-Perrier Champagne.

Guests can select from the New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu, featuring two signature cocktails and a half bottle of either NV La Cuvée Brut Laurent-Perrier or NV La Cuvée Brut Rosé Laurent-Perrier.

Culinary Symphony: An Exquisite Set Menu

The evening unfolds in four waves of Tattu’s signature innovative plates. Diners will be treated to the vibrant Mixed Dim Sum Basket, showcasing wagyu beef, shiitake, black cod & prawn, and royal koi gau.

Other highlights include Glazed Beef Bao Buns, Japanese Black Wagyu, Green Pepper Lobster, and the delectable wagyu and shrimp-filled XO Money Bag.

Tattu's Extravagant New Year's Eve Celebration & Culinary Delights

No Tattu experience is complete without a delightful dessert journey. The Koi Fish Garden, a fruity masterpiece, and the Snow Leopard boasting rich fudge flavours offer a fantastical conclusion to this culinary odyssey.

In summary, Tattu’s New Year’s Eve celebration promises a seamless fusion of gastronomic excellence, entrancing entertainment, and panoramic views, ensuring that attendees usher in the new year in unparalleled style.

It’s not merely an event; it’s a symphony of senses, a gastronomic masterpiece, and an immersive experience that will linger in the memories of those fortunate enough to partake in this lavish celebration.

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