Thank You In Greek And 5 Other Helpful Phrases For Your Next Trip To Greece

If you’re thinking of packing your bags and jetting off somewhere abroad for a well-deserved holiday in the sun, then the country of Greece will likely be a top contender in terms of places to visit.

With hot sunshine for the vast majority of the year, clear blue skies, amazing food such as Gyros, friendly locals, and places steeped in history and culture, it’s easy to see why Greece is making a comeback in the world of summer holidays.

If you’ve decided that you want to stuff your face with Gyros, relax on a beach in the sun, visit the Acropolis, or simply getaway to a warm and welcoming country, Greece is the perfect destination for a getaway.

Before visiting Greece however, you might wish to brush up on the lingo so as to endear yourself to the locals, and simply to learn a new language and obtain a new skill. This is where we come into the fold.

Thank You In Greek And Other Helpful Phrases For Your Next Trip To Greece

To help you master the Greek language before your next holiday, here’s a look at how to say thank you in Greek, as well as other helpful words and phrases.

Do You Speak English?

If you’re out exploring and find yourself lost, or if you just want to strike up a conversation with the locals, or a shopkeeper perhaps, then asking them whether they speak English can make life much easier.

If you want to ask somebody whether they do speak the language ‘do you speak English’ in Greek, is ‘Meelate Angleeka’.

Thank You

Good manners cost nothing, and if you want to thank somebody for good service, or even an act of kindness, then ‘thank you’ in Greek is ‘Efcharisto’.


One of the most important, and also most popular, phrases in Greek that you’re going to have to learn is ‘hello’.

Whenever you greet somebody, whether they be a stranger or a close friend, you’ll likely say hello and so learning the greeting in Greek is very important.

‘Hello’ in Greek is ‘Yassoo’ if you’re familiar with the recipient of the greeting I.E if you’re on friendly terms. If you’re not and you’re looking for a more polite and formal ‘hello’ then it’s ‘Yassas’.

Thank You In Greek And Other Helpful Phrases For Your Next Trip To Greece

What Is Your Name?

If you ever need to ask somebody what their name is in Greek, then you should ask them Poseh Leneh?

Where Is The Toilet?

Okay, don’t laugh, we’re all adults here, and we all get caught short occasionally, especially after having too many cocktails in the sun.

If you ever need to find out where the nearest toilets are, then ‘where is the toilet?’ in Greek is ‘Pooh, eeneh i tualeta?

Thank You In Greek And Other Helpful Phrases For Your Next Trip To Greece

I Love You

You never know what your next holiday to Greece may hold, and who knows, maybe you fall in love with a beautiful Greek God or Goddess and wish to declare your love to them. If so, then ‘I love you’ in Greek is ‘S’agapo’.