The Artists Who Are Depicting Social Issues

Art has always been an activity that involves creative imagination. It is the power to express beauty, proficiency, power, and knowledge in a visual and aesthetically pleasing form. Art has now evolved past a person’s imagination in these modern times. It is no longer how vast your imagination and creative thinking is; it is now the ability to inspire that creativity and imagination in others. When people look at your art, do they see what you see?

Our society today is plagued by so many issues and misfortunes. We have climate injustice, gender misappropriation, racial injustice, hunger. As students, we face classism, racism, social anxiety, depression, misogyny, misandry, etc. There are several essays you can read to shed more light on these issues. You can find essay examples on human rights, the death penalty, and other capital crime punishments.

So many activists have risen to pursue these cases religiously. So many speakers, so many human rights officials, and now social artists. These people represent these problems in a visual channel as old as time: Art.

They use powerful images and colours to visually represent these issues and make us ponder deeply about them. Let’s take a look at five artists who have strived to elevate social art in ways that promote societal freedom:

Laura Callaghan

The Artists Who Are Depicting Social Issues

While we are not trying to suppress the challenges that males go through, we want to mention that most of the societal issues we face today are criminal activities against women. Misogyny has taken several twists, pretending to love females while simultaneously tearing them down and holding them to extreme and impossible standards.

Laura Callaghan is looking to break that norm through her colourful art. She graduated with a Master of Arts from Kingston University in 2010 and is known for her careful and colourful detailing of women in different hierarchies of power, aiming to exalt those who have spent their whole lives being objectified.

Shweta Bhattad

The Artists Who Are Depicting Social Issues

This is another female artist who uses her work as a form of activism and manifestation of truth. As an art student in college, there is a lot to learn from leaders like her who choose to shine a light on prevailing social issues, using their art as a catalyst to bring about that change. Shweta was born and raised in Nagpur, and in her hometown, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Sculpture. Then she went ahead to complete her Masters from MSU Baroda.

As a visual performer, she focuses on the social issues plaguing women in a community governed by men. She has severely depicted shows in the empowerment of female education, rights, and struggles growing up in India. She aims to give women all over the world enough hope to break free of whatever limitations they find themselves.

Jasjyot Singh Hans

The Artists Who Are Depicting Social Issues

This is a male artist whose social art projects take a different turn from the lot. He prefers to use his art to change society’s perspective of beauty and break everything unrealistic barriers that have been set for both women and men.

As a youth in the university, you are already aware of the universal standards of beauty and the depressing effect they could have on an individual’s mental health. Jasjyoth was bullied a lot because of his size. As a plus-sized person, he had to put in extra effort just to be noticed. Now, as a successful artist with a myriad of top clients, he has chosen to depict the negative effects of bullying, unrealistic body images, and anti-homosexuality in his art.

Soumya Sankar Bose

This is another male artist working very hard to take art & social change to the next level. As a 31-year-old photographer, his main aim is to capture taboo topics like desire, LGBT realism, and memory. He has received many awards for his stance and now aims to improve mass education on gender identities and sexual orientation.

Veer Munshi

The Artists Who Are Depicting Social Issues

In the 1990s, Veer was forced to migrate from his state in Kashmir, which affected his life from that moment onward. He has addressed many issues and misfortunes in society, but exile remains a big part of his focus. He started painting as a means of livelihood shortly after his forced exile from Kashmir before realizing he had a real talent.

He wrote an essay about Kashmir shortly before dedicating two years to the cause, transforming his anguish as a forced refugee into making beautiful paintings for the world to see.


It is easy to just look at art and write it off as simply an aesthetically pleasing visual piece. However, with the above artists at the forefront, we are forced to look at it from a logical and deeper perspective. Social arts are bringing fresh outlooks to the issues facing our society today, and we are here to appreciate it.

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