Largest Yacht In The World – The Azzam Superyacht

Sailing on a yacht is the ultimate epitome of luxury. But have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be on board the largest yacht in the world?

Delivered in October 2013, the magnificent Azzam Superyacht has snagged the number one spot from Eclipse Superyacht to become the world’s largest private yacht to date. It was in April 2013 when Azzam was launched at the world-famous Lurssen Shipyard located in Bremen, Germany.

During its delivery to its owner, Azzam made a significant mark in the world of yacht building that involves less than a year of engineering activities and 3 years of construction.

The Azzam Superyacht - Largest Yacht In The World | Image - Lurssen

The cost of Azzam’s construction was around $600 million. Abu Dhabi’s ruler and UAE president, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, owns Azzam. Its name is an Arabic term that means determination.

Nauta Design provided the yacht’s exterior design while Christophe Leoni was the one behind its interior design. Fr. Lurssen Werft was in charge of Azzam’s construction and engineering. Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi led all the technical engineering activities.

Development Of The Largest Yacht In The World

The Azzam Superyacht - Largest Yacht In The World | Image - Lurssen

Azzam was transferred in May 2012 from its original dock that measures 170 meters at the Lurssen Shipyard to a bigger dock measuring 220 meters. It was in late 2009 when steel cutting was held for the yacht. In June 2013, the yacht successfully finished the sea trials before its commissioning.

Dimensions Of Azzam

The Azzam Superyacht - Largest Yacht In The World | Image - Lurssen

Azzam Superyacht measures 180 meters long with a maximum draft of 4.3 meters and a beam of 20.8 meters. Steel was the material used for the hull of the largest yacht in the world.

The yacht is bigger by 17.2 meters than the Eclipse. Roman Abramovich, a billionaire, owns the Eclipse which was commissioned back in 2010.
The gross tonnage capacity of the Azzam superyacht is around 14,000 tons, featuring a fuel tank with a one-million-liter capacity.

The main salon has a length of 29 meters with a beam that measures 18 meters. The yacht’s salon onboard features an open space without support pillars. Azzam also has around 50 suites and the deck doesn’t have large open spaces. The vessel’s interior design incorporates the Empire Style.

Azzam’s Facilities And Layout

The Azzam Superyacht - Largest Yacht In The World | Image - Lurssen

While the internal design of Azzam is kept under wraps, the photographs that have been released so far indicate that it has six decks. The vessel’s backview also hints that it is propelled by jets.

The yacht also provides accommodation facilities for a minimum of 50 professional crew members. Just like the rest of the Lurssen-constructed yachts, Azzam is also environment-friendly with reduced carbon monoxide, soot, and noise emissions on top of improved fuel efficiency.

Azzam is also thought to include provisions for utilising the engine’s waste heat to power the yacht’s desalination system for drinking water. The firm has long been credited as being the first to apply the groundbreaking technology.

Engine Details Of Azzam

The Azzam Superyacht - Largest Yacht In The World | Image - Lurssen

The largest yacht in the world has two diesel engines and two gas turbines with 23,500hp rated power output. Its maximum sailing speed is 30k.

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