The Benefits of Assisted Living

As the global population ages, there is a great deal of discussion about how best to spend the golden years of your life. If you’re someone who follows the news, you may know that there is some debate as to whether older individuals should be taken care of by their families or ‘farmed out’ to care homes or assisted living centers.

While there is certainly something to be said for remaining a member of the family as you age out of usefulness, there is also something to be said for the benefits of care homes and assisted living facilities. In order to try and balance out some of the negative discourse surrounding these centers for old folks, which is often being engaged in by the traditional media, here are some of the main upsides to living in an assisted living facility in old age.

Continued Community Presence

The Benefits of Assisted Living

After living a long and interesting life full of colleagues, friends, family, and strangers, the last thing you want to do is feeling lonely in old age. One of the main problems with spending your elderly years with family or, worse, by yourself is the sudden drop off of that community in your life. Numerous reports and pieces of research have indicated that the communities we build are crucial to our happiness and well-being. After all, we are not meant to be isolated creatures!

Though many people moan or complain about the forced socialization they must do at work or school throughout their lives, these are the connections that provide us with stories and links to the outside world. After retirement age, they can be hard to come by: that is why the community environment that exists in assisted living facilities is such a boon. Even if you don’t love all of the people around you, they will fill your life with interest and energy!

Staged Independence

The Benefits of Assisted Living

One thing no one wants to be is a burden. But, inevitably, old age causes many of us to become a drain on our loved ones as we lose the ability to complete basic tasks and help contribute to the household. On the other hand, no one wants to be on the receiving end of condescension or assumptions that they are incapable.

Being in a place where support is offered with no assumptions on the basis of need rather than resentment or pity is one of the best parts of assisted living facilities. Many assisted living facilities offer different levels of care or support depending on your stage of life or comfortability. Whether you need someone to help you get out of bed in the morning or are simply looking for occasional company, assisted living can help you with both.

There is also the huge bonus of being able to request help when you need it without having to feel like a burden. This is particularly useful when it comes to possible illnesses or injuries. Being in an environment where it is someone’s job to check-in, rather than their obligation, is a wonderful and extremely reassuring feeling.