The Bentley Blower Returns to Racing Dominance

The legendary Bentley Blower is making a triumphant return to the racing circuit with the first car of Bentley’s Blower Continuation Series – Car Zero.

This exceptional automobile is set to participate in a series of racing events across 2023, embracing its storied past while showcasing its modern engineering prowess.

The Blower Car Zero will race on tracks in the UK, France, and Belgium, pushing its performance and endurance to the limit.

A Pioneering Continuation Series

The Blower Continuation Series stands as the first pre-war continuation series ever created. Each car is meticulously crafted by hand, using a blend of contemporary laser-scanned data and original blueprints.

These designs and 3D data were sourced from the iconic 1929 4½-litre supercharged Team Car #2 – arguably the most renowned Bentley in existence, and a key component of the Bentley Heritage Collection.

Car Zero will take on the mantle of the original Blower and race for glory, 93 years after the initial car competed at Le Mans.

The Bentley Blower Returns to Racing Dominance

Notably, it will be the first Bentley works car to race at Le Mans since the Speed 8’s victory in 2003.

Minimal Modifications for Maximum Performance

To prepare Blower Car Zero for racing, only minor safety-related adjustments have been made. These include the addition of a rain light, wing mirrors, towing points, a fire extinguisher, and a battery isolation switch.

The car now possesses a Historic Technical Passport (HTP), certifying its eligibility to compete in FIA-sanctioned events for historic vehicles.

2023 Racing Calendar

Blower Car Zero is set to compete at the following tracks in 2023:

  1. Donington Park, UK, 29 – 30 April
  2. Le Mans, France, 29 June – 3 July
  3. Spa, Belgium, 28 – 30 September

Following Car Zero, 12 additional Blower Continuation Series cars have been commissioned through Mulliner, Bentley’s bespoke and personalisation division.

Eight of these vehicles have been delivered, with four still in production.

The Bentley Blower Returns to Racing Dominance

Some customer cars will compete alongside Car Zero at Le Mans in the summer, joined by original Bentley Team cars from the 1920s.

The Mulliner Perspective

Paul Williams, Mulliner’s Chief Technical Officer, shared his thoughts on the exciting venture:

“By racing with Blower Car Zero, we will demonstrate the performance, authenticity, and durability of our Continuation Series by taking on the original competition. Our customers can have confidence that they too can take their continuation cars to the track. We have already proven the quality of the engineering within the car by completing a demanding test of several hours at race pace around Goodwood, and now it’s time for real racing. We will take the learnings from this race programme and apply them to the upcoming Speed Six Continuation Series, for which the first engineering car is in production.”

Preparing for the Racing Debut

Car Zero recently completed a six-hour endurance test at full race pace at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Driven by Stuart Morley, the car performed flawlessly, covering 380 miles and averaging 83 miles per hour.

The race programme’s drivers will be announced soon, featuring a combination of seasoned motoring journalists with racing experience and professional racing drivers.

As the racing community eagerly awaits the return of the Bentley Blower, the excitement surrounding Car Zero’s performance capabilities continues to grow.

This exceptional vehicle represents the perfect fusion of Bentley’s rich racing heritage and cutting-edge engineering, offering a unique opportunity for both fans and drivers to witness history in motion.

Training and Testing for Optimal Performance

In preparation for the upcoming races, Car Zero has undergone extensive testing to ensure it is ready to face the challenges of the modern racing circuit.

The vehicle’s successful completion of the six-hour endurance test at Goodwood Motor Circuit is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and engineering that went into its creation.

The Future of Bentley Racing

The reintroduction of the Bentley Blower to the racing circuit highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to honouring its past while embracing innovation.

The Bentley Blower Returns to Racing Dominance

The upcoming Speed Six Continuation Series, inspired by the lessons learned from the Blower Car Zero race programme, is a clear indication of Bentley’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive performance.

A New Generation of Bentley Enthusiasts

The Blower Continuation Series, with Car Zero at the helm, is set to captivate a new generation of Bentley enthusiasts.

By showcasing the brand’s storied past and modern engineering achievements, Bentley aims to inspire future owners and drivers to appreciate the unparalleled craftsmanship and performance of these extraordinary vehicles.


As Car Zero prepares to embark on its racing journey in 2023, the world eagerly anticipates the return of the legendary Bentley Blower to the racing circuit.

With a blend of historic charm and modern engineering, this extraordinary automobile stands as a testament to Bentley’s ongoing dedication to excellence in both design and performance.

With the Blower Continuation Series and the upcoming Speed Six Continuation Series, Bentley continues to redefine the boundaries of automotive performance, inspiring a new generation of enthusiasts to embrace the brand’s unparalleled legacy.

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