The Berkeley International Exclusive Dating Service’s Love in Lockdown Stories

Ever thought that the global pandemic will keep you away from finding true love? Berkeley International has us thinking again. This exclusive dating service has helped hundreds of hopeless romantics find love – even during a time where we all forgot what hugs, kisses, and holding hands felt like. The sophisticated private members club takes pride in its testimonials, and rightly so!

People who spend a lot of money on dating services tend to look for their ideal partner based on a few essential and very specific requirements, be it personality traits, values or even a type of look. But, it seems that the pandemic has changed a lot. According to the team at Berkeley International, at the height of the Coronavirus outbreak, they noticed that the incoming dating requests were far less comprehensive than before. As with many aspects of our daily lives, COVID has washed away many of our preconceived ideas and left us with what really matters… love itself.

The marketplace is filled with dating services offering everything from faithbased-dating sites to general hook-up apps. But, for the decerning there is Berkely. A dedicated team of highly experienced relationship experts supports Global Director Mairead Molloy, who is considered one of the world’s foremost Relationship Psychologists. With a wide range of members from all around the world, Berkeley International offers a premium matchmaking service to locate the perfect partner and soulmate for members of discerning and affluent backgrounds.

Now, you would think that the virus might have slowed down love matches but it seems that quite the contrary has been happening. In fact, Berkeley International’s success rate has increased by over 75% since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic as people seem far more open to suggestions in finding that perfect partner. Even more interestingly, more couples have been getting engaged and moving in together.

To celebrate this flood of new love matches, dispite our sometimes dark and uncertain times, we share with you 3 of our favorite success stories which left us feeling all fuzzy inside – You’re welcome!

Love in Lockdown: Stories

1. A Hopelessly Romantic Sussex Love Story

James and Kate were living alone in Sussex, in two very large properties, close to each other – but they didn’t know it and they had never crossed paths before. Both joined Berkeley International around the same time, looking for love. Their first date was during the first lockdown, so it took place via Zoom. During the video call, James and Kate got on really well and they found out how close they lived to each other, but they couldn’t meet just yet.

When the Coronavirus restrictions were eased and bubbles were allowed, James decided to pull out all the stops for their first proper, face-to-face meeting. He booked a helicopter, filled it full of red roses, and took Kate for a romantic spin in the sky on Valentine’s Day.

Ever since they have been seeing each other and the relationship has progressed considerably.

The Berkeley International Exclusive Dating Service’s Love in Lockdown Stories

2. Two London Singletons Find Love in Friendship

Carlos, based in Notting Hill, and Amelia, based in South Kensington, joined Berkeley International in their search for true love. Professional matchmakers set them up on a Zoom date after noting that their personalities were likely to be very compatible.

Both the man and the woman had been on a number of other dates with other people previously, but they had not yet met their perfect match Carlos and Amelia ventured into a series of virtual meet-ups and got quite friendly with each other, although they both noted that there was no chemistry between them. A friendship was born and they decided to move in together during the very first lockdown to keep each other company.

Carlos and Amelia started going on virtual dates with other people, but not for long. One day, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, they looked at each other and there was a spark. The two friends fell in love and ended up getting engaged, just like that.

The Berkeley International Exclusive Dating Service’s Love in Lockdown Stories

3. A Parisian Airport Proposal

Alex in Mexico and Victoria in Milan signed up for Berkeley International’s global membership. Both were looking for a long-term relationship followed by marriage and children. They started dating on Zoom, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent travel restrictions.

A digital relationship formed and after realizing how well-matched they were, the couple decided to make their relationship exclusive. After both tested negative for the Coronavirus and in line with the appropriate government guidelines, the couple flew to Paris to meet for the first time.

Upon arrival, Alex proposed to Victoria in the airport amongst balloons and Champagne and she accepted! The happy couple is now living together in Paris, where they will stay until they can decide where they would like to go next.

The Berkeley International Exclusive Dating Service’s Love in Lockdown Stories