Which Is The Best Beach in Scotland?

We scoured the shorelines of Scotland from coast to coast to list and find the best beach in Scotland to make the most of your trip.

Scotland is a country renowned for its sweeping countryside, rugged clifftops and diverse wildlife. Not only that, but it is also famous for its amazing stretches of coastline. There’s just something about the sea that can’t be explained when it comes to making us calm, happy and tranquil.

Many of us could quite happily spend hours looking out to sea, without a care in the world. So then, it is perfectly apt, that we decided to attempt to answer the question of what is the best beach in Scotland?

If you love the sea and you love Scotland, here are 4 of the very best beaches that Scotland has to offer. So, stoke up the fire, get your feet up, pour yourself a wee dram and let’s talk Scottish beaches!

So, Which Is The Best Beach in Scotland?

North Coast of Iona

The Best Beach in Scotland | North Coast of Iona

If you clasp your eyes on the coastline on the North Coast of Iona, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d washed up somewhere in the Pacific, on your own private paradise.

The white sandy beach here is situated just Southwest of the Inner Hebrides and is just 3 miles in length. It may be small, but it is considered a true hidden gem of the Scottish coastline.

For those of you who enjoy wildlife and animals such as seals, puffins, whales, basking sharks as well as dolphins, this is a must-visit. These and multiple other species are often spotted here, so be sure to have your camera to hand.

Tolsta Beach

The Best Beach in Scotland | Tolsta Beach

Tolsta Beach, located on the Isle of Lewis, is another beach that has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Tolsta is a small coastal village that is incredibly quaint and is actually situated in close proximity to the town of Stornoway. Tolsta Beach is wonderful for those of you looking to enjoy a quieter day at the seaside, as there are plenty of coves that would offer the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic. Tolsta Beach is also a hit with surfers, as there can be some very impressive waves here.

Camusdarach Beach

The Best Beach in Scotland | Camusdarach Beach

Located on Scotland’s stunning West Coast, in Morar, we have the beautiful Camusdarach beach.

In the summer, this is a hugely popular beach and if you’re wondering what is the best beach in Scotland? this is certainly a contender. With platinum white sands and clear turquoise seas, this beach here could easily double as a Caribbean Paradise.

The seas are generally calm and tranquil and they’re shallow enough to offer plenty of paddling possibilities. On a clear day, it will also offer stunning views out towards the Isle of Skye.

Aberdeen Beach

The Best Beach in Scotland | Aberdeen Beach

Finally, the last beach on our list, in our quest to answer the question of ‘what is the best beach in Scotland?’ is Aberdeen Beach.

For those of you who want the authentic bucket and spade, seaside beach experience, complete with traditional fish and chips, an ice cream, and hungry seagulls that won’t leave you alone, Aberdeen Beach is perfect.

In the summer, you will also likely get to enjoy the views of Bottlenose Dolphins in all of their glory. There’s even a former fishing village, complete with quirky white cottages, making this beach a real hit at all times of the year and a great spot to take those unique Instagram pics.