Is Car Leasing The Best Way To Try An Electric Car? 

Car leasing is a great way to get behind the wheel of a brand new car, for an affordable monthly price. If you’ve found yourself wanting to try out a different kind of car such as an electric car for example, entering a car leasing deal could be the best way to do this.

But what exactly is car leasing, and how does it allow you to try out new electric cars and models? In this article, we discuss why car leasing is a fantastic way to try out an electric car, as well as the many benefits that come alongside entering a personal contract hire (car leasing) deal. 

What Exactly is Car Leasing? 

Is Car Leasing The Best Way To Try An Electric Car?

Car leasing or personal contract hire, is an agreement between you and a car leasing company that allows you to drive a new car of your choice for a fixed period of time. During this period you will be paying fixed monthly payments until the agreement ends. When the agreement ends, you will then give back the keys and the car and either sign up to a new deal, or simply be on your way. 

This makes being able to drive a new car a lot more accessible for many people. Buying a car outright has a few disadvantages that you can avoid if you opt for a car leasing deal. For example, as soon as you buy a car it’s value will decrease over time. Whereas when you lease a car, you don’t have to worry about its depreciation as you will be either giving it back at the end of the deal, or upgrading to a brand new car and new deal. 

This means you can try out a brand new electric car and truly get a feel to see if it’s for you. With personal contract hire, there’s no risk in trying out an electric car if you end up disliking it. Car leasing offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing which car you drive and for how long, there is limited risk unlike committing to purchasing a car outright.

The Benefits of Driving an Electric Car 

Is Car Leasing The Best Way To Try An Electric Car?

Electric cars are arguably the cars of the future. They are notably much better for the environment as they have no tail-pipe emissions, effectively reducing your carbon footprint. Due to the sustainability aspect to these cars and amongst other benefits, they have proven to be a very popular choice of vehicle. Below are a few of the reasons to try out electric vehicle leasing.

  • Reduces your carbon emissions
  • Very quiet to drive
  • High performing, more so than gasoline cars
  • Easy to charge

Many people do not like taking a risk in trying out a new type of car, as purchasing a car is a huge, and expensive, commitment. But with car leasing, you get the chance to drive all kinds of new cars, including new electric cars that are booming in popularity.