The First Batch Of Bentley Honey

The 120 000 bees, newly established on-site at Crewe, has produced the first harvest of Bentley Honey.

Bentley is a brand which is synonymous with luxury and opulence. When we think of Bentley, we, of course, think of motor vehicles and luxurious, superfast, top-spec ones at that. We don’t however, tend to think of culinary elements such as honey. Not yet at least.

It turns out that the ever-creative geniuses down at Bentley have found themselves in need of some assistance. Down at their historic Crewe site, Bentley has taken on some new workers. 120,000 new workers in fact. But not the workers you might have thought. The latest additions to the Bentley family are 120,000 British Honey bees. So, what’s the buzz surrounding this story?

Creating A Buzz

Bentley’s new flying workforce settled right in over the last few months and got to work right away on producing some of the finest honey in the region. Only having been acquired in May, the Bentley Bees’ first crop of honey was finally ready at the end of September. From just two hives, these fantastic little critters were able to produce over 100 jars of honey.

Bentley’s beekeepers (there’s a sentence we never thought we’d be typing) carefully collected the pristine honeycomb and set about extracting every single drop of this golden nectar from the Bentley Bees. The extraction process is painstakingly precise, but it is certainly worth it. First up, the honeycomb is collected and each frame is spun in an extractor. Afterwards, the honey is carefully drained off and filtered, before being decanted into glass jars, ready to be enjoyed by a lucky few.

Packaging To Admire

As you might expect from Bentley, even the jars of honey from this awesome brand scream luxury and decadence. The packaging reflects Bentley’s pristine attention to detail. The label isn’t just your run-of-the-mill label designed and printed off in minutes. The labels were created by interior designer Louise McCallum. The stunning jars really catch the eye and make wonderful gifts. The honey will be shared with Bentley colleagues, as well as VIP visitors who happen to be visiting the site in Crewe.

Doing Their Bit For The Environment

Not only were the bees obtained to create this gorgeous amber nectar, but Bentley also installed the hive to do their part for the environment. You see, Bentley has also been busy planting wildflowers on their site and in the surrounding countryside. This not only looks stunning, but it also means that the Bentley Bees, and other bees in the area, have a selection of different pollens to harvest. The honey has already proved a hit and there are plans to install more hives and plant more wildflowers, which can only be a good thing.

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