The Garden House: An Alternative Solution For Student Housing

Every year, before classes start again, students rush to find housing. Often, there is more demand than supply and some students find themselves making long car or train journeys to study because of the lack of accommodation. Others accept substandard housing.

Faced with this situation, many solutions exist: to fill the housing gap for students, alternative housing solutions are multiplying, with varying degrees of credibility. After the containers that are fashionable in maritime cities, the garden houses are making their appearance. This accommodation is built directly into the owner’s garden. It can be built from concrete, bricks or most popularly from wood for a cheaper alternative and allows for a quicker turnaround time.

The Garden House: An Alternative Solution For Student Housing

A Win-Win Solution

For the student, living in a garden cottage or wooden cabin is much more comfortable from a quality of life point of view than living in a building. On the one hand, most of the wooden cabins were built recently and are not dilapidated, unlike some of the housing offered by student residences. The student has a space all to himself, without visual and sound nuisances that could be annoying in a shared apartment or in a student residence. In addition, living in a garden brings peace and quiet, which is conducive to studying. 

For the owner, the rental of the wooden cabin ensures a regular rental income over a large part of the year. It is more convenient for him than hosting tourists: he does not have to be present to welcome them, to do the cleaning, to wash and change the sheets, etc.

The installation of a wooden cabin is not only a rental investment, it is also a way to increase the value of his property. It is possible to find garden houses of many styles and surfaces, because in substance, the wooden cabin is an additional living space that can have many uses: office, summer kitchen, gym, etc.. It is a relatively interesting investment on the financial level because the insulated wooden prefab rooms for sale are much more accessible than a few years ago and their installation is less constraining than a traditional construction. Do not hesitate to discover this versatile solution!

A Trend That Already Existed In The Nordic Countries

In 2014, Tengbom Architects, one of the largest Scandinavian architectural firms, offered twenty young people from the University of Lund to live in wooden houses. Far from the squalid, damp and lightless maid’s room, the students settled in small individual wooden houses that form a micro-village on the campus.

The Garden House: An Alternative Solution For Student Housing

The project is Swedish and the architects have thought of these modern huts in terms of design and materials as good purists of sustainable development. The houses were made of wood from Swedish forests, reducing the carbon footprint. They offer the bare minimum: kitchen, bathroom, folding tables and shelves, mezzanine bedroom and even a hammock make up this space-optimized down to the last detail. The windows cut into rounded shapes in the light wood walls let the light fill the space. The pistachio green furniture brings its touch of fantasy. A minimalist, functional and modern touch that immediately recalls the style of the giant Ikea.