The Greybrook House Penthouse By Fenton Whelan

We explore the fabulous new Greybrook House Penthouse by Fenton Whelan in the heart of Mayfair.

The popularity and trendiness of a neighbourhood is a constantly evolving thing when it comes to living in the “right area”. Although that is the rule, there are a few, very few, exceptions. One of these is the ever-popular neighbourhood of Mayfair.

Since having been developed by the Grosvenor family, this affluent area has never lost its desirable status and has since then become, not just one of the most expensive areas in London, but in ranks among the most expensive world wide. With its close proximity to the centre of London, seemingly endless luxury Georgian townhouses, leafy streets and high-end establishments it is no wonder why it has kept this reputation since its founding.

Located right in the heart of Mayfair, Greybrook House is perfectly sandwiched between Grosvenor Square and New Bond Street. A stone’s throw (and a very weak one at that) from Bond Street Station and Claridges Hotel, this exceptional property has it all. Oh, and in case those names didn’t seem impressive enough perhaps living, literally, around the corner from Christie’s might bring it home.

The History of Greybrook House

Located at 28 Brook Street, this immaculate property is a Grade II listed, six-storey Art-Deco building. Responsible for the King Edward VII gallery at the British Museum and Unilever House, Sir John Burnett and Partners where the designers of the property which has remained a landmark ever since the 20s.

Fast forward to the 21st century and enter the exceptionally talented Fenton Whelan. Having completely renovated the iconic property, it has only breathed new life into it but has once again catapulted it to the forefront of design. Following the renovation, the building now consists of three 2 700 sq ft apartments, each spanning an entire floor of the building and a truly awe-inspiring penthouse comprising of two floors and a rooftop terrace.

We hit the elevator button to take a closer look at the new penthouse.

The New Greybrook House Penthouse

Although the impressive heritage of Mayfair is one of its greatest selling-points, it often becomes a drawback. Blending modern living with the exteriors of these historic buildings can at time feel disconnected. You approach a beautiful Georgian townhouse, open the door and once inside the start contrast seems like from another world. The house instantly loses its flow.

What Fenton Whelan has managed to do, flawlessly, is to blend a fabulously modern style with art-deco. Not only does it come across as a natural blend but it offers a seamless flow from the building’s exterior to the interior while keeping its spirit alive yet at the forefront of design and technology.

The level of craftsmanship is truly breathtaking and once again underlines the feel of an era before mass production. The seamless flow from room to room creates a homely and inviting feel while still emphasizing its expansive floor space.

While the property has an effortless and easy feel throughout, it is clear that not a single square inch of the 6 563 sq ft penthouse has not been thought of in both design and finishing.

The penthouse features oak wood floors with natural oil finish throughout with 2.6-metre doors with matching architraves and antique gold trim through the residence.

A Fabulous Fenton Whelan Kitchen

If the home is where the heart is, then the kitchen must surely be the soul. The penthouse at Greybrook House has to be one of our favourites in London. From the vintage-styled padded-walls to the Bianco Perlino marble floor in feature pattern, this kitchen is a bright and inviting room. While remaining practical at the core it is as cosmopolitan and picture perfect as the rest of the property.

The Bulthaup kitchen not only is completely integrated with Gaggenau appliances but it also boasts with external herb and aromatic walls! But what really draws us to this kitchen is the various spaces created within this room. From the elegant breakfast nook to the modern bespoke kitchen island with seating, it is a room with endless focal points and fulfils virtually any lifestyle need.

Upon closer inspection, we spotted one of our favourite pieces of furniture from Essential Home. We were stumbled upon the Russel Bar Chair earlier this year and fell completely in love. So finding it in this beautifully designed property really was the icing on the cake. The white upholstery mixed with the elegant polished-brass detailing creates an elegant and contemporary redesign of a mid-century style. While modern in its appearance, one of the things we love the most about this piece is its versatility when it comes to blending with various styles.

Fenton Whelan’s reconstruction (seems like the only word to aptly describe what he has managed to achieve) of the property sees an ingenious usage of awkward and difficult spaces. These decor and design ‘challenges’ have been masterfully incorporated into the design to create unique and exceptional spaces. with the interior creates

The layout and flow of the floor plan is an elegant succession of rooms that make the most of the space while not making the property feel smaller. On the contrary, it feels more like an expansive suburban home than an apartment.

The Ultimate Mayfair Rooftop Garden

Now let’s be honest. What is a penthouse without views and a roof terrace? Well, the Greybrook House Penthouse offers two. On the upper floor, there is a wrap around terrace which is accessible from both the dining room or sitting room. But the rooftop terrace is possibly our favourite part of the entire property (and that says a lot, have you seen the master bathroom?).

To be honest, this other-wordy rooftop garden in the heart of Mayfair feels more as if it should belong to a hotel. Now, when we say hotel we mean communal, not private. The large area offers exceptional views of the capital and is the ultimate spot for sundowners. As well as for breakfast, lunch – come to think of it, you just never want to leave.

Featuring Yorkstone paving with inset external lighting, the roof terrace also features an outdoor cooking area, external decorative fires, four structural glazed flooring panels positioned over to the Kitchen below, extensive planting and a lot of outdoor seating areas.

The Greybrook House Penthouse is a masterwork of design and has been brilliantly brought to life by Fenton Whelan. Through excellent craftsmanship and flawless decor, this can easily be counted as one of the finest penthouses in Mayfair, if not the whole of London.

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