The New Limited Edition Bentley Bentayga Pearl of the Gulf by Mulliner

Only five of the new limited edition Bentley Bentayga Pearl of the Gulf will be manufactured and sold by Mulliner.

In the world of automobiles, that are just some names that are synonymous with wealth and luxury. Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ferrari, and more, are just some of the famous manufacturers that cater to the super-rich petrol heads with a passion for luxurious motor vehicles.

Another giant among these is the iconic Brittish car manufacturer, Bentley. Inspired by to the Arabian Gulf’s wealthy pearl diving heritage a very special limited edition Bentayga has been created. Customized and commissioned specifically for a wealthy Middle-Eastern client, Bentley has recently unveiled their special limited edition Bentley Bentayga Pearl of the Gulf.

Now, most luxury motor vehicle manufacturers have specific departments or strategic partners who cater exclusively to the super-rich looking for a fully customized vehicle for that personal touch. If a client wants a vehicle in a specific colour, or their child’s name embroidered within the cabin’s interior, it’s these departments that handle the customizable extras.

For Bentley, the ‘department’, as it is often referred to, is Mulliner. Mulliner will only be creating a small amount of these limited-edition vehicles, so they really are quite special. So how many will be built? Will it be 500, 200, 100, or possibly even 50? No, in fact, there will be just 5 of these amazing vehicles created by the incredibly talented men and women of Mulliner located down in Crewe, England.

The vehicle is W12-powered and will feature Arabian Gulf-Themed and Mother of Pearl Motifs throughout the vehicle’s interior and exterior. The cabin will feature a finish that is truly unique. The interior is a celebration of the Arabian Gulf’s vast and proud history of pearl diving. Before oil, the region’s primary driving source of income for the economy was pearl diving, which can be traced back many centuries.

The design sees a blend of stunning pearl-white paint, along with a leather interior trimmed in Brunel and Linen hides. The cabin’s interior will also feature a Breitling clock with exquisite Mother of Pearl dial.

As if things weren’t luxurious enough, the interior is finished off with contrast gold-stitching alongside thick, luxurious and dense lambswool rugs. The star feature, however, is found on the fascia of the passenger side dash, which features a dhow boat utilized for pearl diving, which has been stunningly inlayed with, you guessed it, Mother of Pearl.

We know that James Bond himself has a thing for Aston Martins and Jaguars (we’ll forget his patriotic betrayal when he favoured a BMW in the late 90s) but this Bentley has something that would not look out of place in one of 007’s signature vehicles.

Located in the centre console, hidden away, is a secure lockbox which features a biometric fingerprint scanner. It’s the perfect location for storing your valuables such as watches, electronic gadgets, and maybe even pearls themselves.

The New Limited Edition Bentley Bentayga Pearl of the Gulf by Mulliner

The Bentayga is no slouch in the power department either. Offering a whopping 600bhp from its 6-litre, 12-cylinder engine, the vehicle will reach 60mph in less than 4 seconds, with a top speed of just under 190mph. As far as the price goes, Bentley is keeping quiet on that front, although prices are naturally expected to be significantly more than the £165,000 currently being asked for the standard W12 Bentayga.

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