The Top Notting Hill Italian Restaurants

We take a closer look at the Top Notting Hill Italian Restaurants, and what makes them a must!

You just can’t quite beat fine dining, and if you are in the mood to dine out, Italian cuisine is certainly up there as being one of the most popular choices of all time.

From, fresh homemade pasta, to cheesy pizza baked fresh in a wood-fired oven, Italian food tastes amazing and goes incredibly well with a glass of wine, a cold beer, and many other beverages for that matter.

If you happen to be in London in the Notting Hill area, you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of dining out. If you do decide that you’re in the mood for an Italian meal, again, you certainly will have plenty of options, but which are the best?

Here’s a look at what many consider to be 3 of the top Notting Hill Italian restaurants.

Portobello Ristorante Pizzeria

The Top Notting Hill Italian Restaurants | Portobello Ristorante Pizzeria

Address: 7 Ladbroke Rd, Notting Hill, London W11 3PA, United Kingdom

The first Italian restaurant we have for you today is Portobello Ristorante Pizzeria.

This pizzeria is located just off of Notting Hill Gate and is renowned for its pizza and its pasta. Their Ortolana pizza and Capricosa pizza are especially popular.

During the lockdowns, when people were forced to stay home, the restaurant offered their ‘easy fish’ service. The premise was simply to provide customers with the means of enjoying a restaurant-quality fish dish in the comfort of their own homes.

This “cook at home” meal plan proved to be very popular, so expect more seafood dishes to be added to the menu soon.

Chucs Restaurant, Westbourne Grove

The Top Notting Hill Italian Restaurants | Chucs Restaurant

Address: 226 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 2RH, United Kingdom

Next up, we have Chucs Restaurant.

This series of restaurants and cafes is proving to be hugely popular all across the UK, yet their Notting Hill location is proving to be particularly popular.

Nestled snugly in the heart of Notting Hill, Chucs Westbourne Grove boasts two stunning dining rooms and one gorgeous bar offering a selection of drinks and cocktails.

While not a bona fide Italian restaurant, Chucs does offer an extensive array of Italian favourites including: Rigatoni Cotswold Lamb Ragu with white wine, rosemary, and pecorino. If you do want to go with something traditional however, a Margherita pizza from Chucs will take some beating.

Osteria Basilico

The Top Notting Hill Italian Restaurants | Osteria Basilico

Address: 29 Kensington Park Rd, Notting Hill, London W11 2EU, United Kingdom

When you visit an Italian restaurant, you want to feel as if you’re in a friendly Italian family’s kitchen in the heart of Italy, enjoying authentic, home-cooked food. With Osteria Basilico, this is about as close as you can get to doing just that, without leaving Notting Hill.

Osteria Basilico is a typical rustic Italian restaurant, complete with aged wooden barrels, distressed wooden furniture, tablecloths, and scents and sounds that will transport you to Italy.

The restaurant has been going since 1992, and so, with nearly three decades of experience under their belts, they’re obviously doing something very right.

With pizza, pasta, meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes, there’s something for everybody to enjoy here. In particular, the Linguini al Pesto and Spaghetti ala Carbonara are best sellers here, as, despite so few ingredients, are bursting with flavour.

Be sure to top off your meal with a delicious Tiramisu’, raspberry cheesecake, or any of the other fantastic desserts they offer here.

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