The Knight of Notting Hill: A Culinary and Musical Oasis in Ladbroke Grove

Nestled in the heart of Ladbroke Grove, The Knight of Notting Hill is a newly opened gastropub that marries sumptuous interiors, a diverse menu of seasonal pub classics, inventive cocktails, craft beers, wines, and the melodious backdrop of live music.

Led by the talented Chef Akash Singh, whose culinary journey spans prestigious establishments like Benares and Three Falcons St John’s Wood, this gastropub promises an extraordinary experience that transcends the ordinary.

The Knight of Notting Hill: A Culinary and Musical Oasis in Ladbroke Grove

Garnering Appetites and Satisfying Palates

The Knight of Notting Hill’s menu is a masterpiece designed to captivate both locals and tourists with its eclectic offerings. Subtle yet enticing, the menu includes exquisite dishes such as Garlic Madagascan Prawn served with sourdough, the tantalizing Pork Belly Tacos paired with piquillo pepper and homemade ketchup, Old Delhi Butter Chicken accompanied by Butter Paratha, and Pappardelle with Blue Cheese and Crispy Sage, a delightful option.

The Knight of Notting Hill: A Culinary and Musical Oasis in Ladbroke Grove

Dessert enthusiasts are also in for a treat with comforting classics like homemade tiramisu and the beloved spotted dick served with custard.

The Knight of Notting Hill – From the Classics to Signature Creations

Cocktail aficionados are in for a real treat at The Knight of Notting Hill. The skilled bartenders can craft cocktails tailored to your preferences or tempt your taste buds with house signature creations like ‘The Knight’ – a delightful blend of tequila, lime juice, and Cointreau. Additionally, you can explore a carefully curated selection of classic cocktails, including the ever-popular Cosmopolitan, the timeless Negroni, and the venerable Old Fashioned.

The Knight of Notting Hill: A Culinary and Musical Oasis in Ladbroke Grove

The interiors of this gastropub are a symphony of the old and the new, combining original Victorian features with contemporary design sensibilities. Neo-classical columns, dark stained wood, and beautifully tiled floors envelop the bar area, while etched glass windows, with views of Ladbroke Grove and Lancaster Road, add a touch of elegance.

The imposing mirrored bar steals the spotlight, accentuated by modern chandeliers, chic wallpaper, and smart banquette seating in smooth dark leather. It’s an inviting space that seamlessly merges history with modernity, culminating in an unmatched ambience.

Reviving Musical Heritage

The Knight of Notting Hill marks the dawn of a new era for one of London‘s most iconic music pubs. Formerly known as The KPH, this 157-year-old Victorian gem has hosted legendary artists such as Tom Jones, The Clash, Phil Lynott, and Paul Weller. The rich musical heritage is set to flourish once again as the venue rekindles its tradition as a live music hub, hosting performances by rappers, singers, and DJs. With a late-night license until 1 a.m., the pub ensures the music never stops, providing a perfect stage for both legends and emerging talents.

This rebranding of the venue heralds a fresh beginning for a cherished local establishment that endured a decade of uncertainty under different ownerships. The Knight of Notting Hill is more than just a gastropub; it’s a nod to the past, a celebration of the present, and a promise of an exhilarating future. Here, tradition meets innovation, and the echoes of music that have graced these walls over the years continue to resonate, ensuring that the legacy of this storied pub lives on.

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