The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Hedges

If you are planning to make your hedges look incredible this season, we have a few tips that will help you get there.

Whether you are a regular to your garden or you are just getting started, the following dos and don’ts will help you in the garden this season. For more tips visit Of course, if you are unsure what are the best tools to help you through the summer, check out our hedge trimmer reviews for a list of what we have tested. 

Cutting At Specific Times

The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Hedges

If you have numerous hedges on your property, you may be tempted to trim them all in one go. However, there are a number of benefits to trimming these hedges at certain times. Thankfully, the majority of hedges only need to be trimmed once or twice a year, so there is no need to be in the garden for multiple hours throughout the summer.

One of the best times to trim Beech hedges is in August to ensure there are no bare patches through winter. However, if they are overgrown, there may be a need to trim them back some in mid-winter. However, for Hawthorn hedges, you will want to cut them in June once they have flowered and again in autumn to give them that fresh look. For Laurel hedges, they will need to be cut in spring for reshaping and then again in July and August to keep them maintained.

Privet hedges should be pruned in April and then cut between May and August. The more you do, the denser they will get and become easier to maintain. We have a full guide available to show you when to cut with a hedge trimmer. 

The Use Of Bamboo Canes

Bamboo canes are the perfect tool to make your job so much easier while shaping longer hedges. You will push two into the ground at either end and tie them to smaller canes at a 45-degree angle so they are pointing away from the hedges. This is going to stop the upright canes from pulling in. Next, tie a piece of string above the hedge to get a straight line, and another 1cm below the height you would prefer your hedge to be.

When you trim with string, it is going to help give you the shape you desire. Begin at the lower portion of the hedges on each side and work upwards until you cut the top. If your hedge is dense with fine leaves, you should leave the base larger than the top to give a more solid and healthier look, as the sunlight will be able to penetrate the bottom leaves. 

The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Hedges

Remove Clippings

Once you have finished the task of trimming, it is essential to remove all clippings. They may create a damp condition that could lead to fungal diseases in the hedge. The best solution is to place a plastic sheet below the hedge to catch the clippings as they drop. When you are finished, simply rake the loose twigs from the top of the hedge. Leftover twigs and branches can be placed directly into a compost bin or a garden shredder.

Go Wider

The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Hedges

If your hedges feature large leaves, it is best to allow them to grow out more. Bright flowers are perfect to give that extra splash of color to your garden and also attract bees and birds. Keep in mind that informal hedges also require some maintenance as well. It is generally best to trim them after they have flowered to allow for a better shape. If you are content with berries and flowers growing freely, you can actually cut back your maintenance to every couple of years!

Benefits Of Long Reach Trimmers Long-reach trimmers are essential for taller hedges, it is actually quite beneficial to invest in a special hedge cutting platform. These trimmers feature a telescopic handle that is able to extend to 20-30 cm and are used at a right angle for that perfect cut on the top of the hedge. Be sure to check out our list of the best long-reach hedge trimmers that we have tested. 

Keep An Eye Out For Wildlife

Remember that is against the law to knowingly damage an active bird nest, so always trim with care. Birds will generally nest from March to about the end of August. A few days before you are ready to trim, just keep an eye on your hedges to see if you take note of any bords consistently flying to and from the hedges. If you do, it is going to be best to wait until August to trim once all of the chicks have flown the nest.

We have a full guide on how you can actually attract birds and other wildlife to your garden

Proper Protective Gear

The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Hedges

Trimmers that are designed today are built with a number of safety features, however, it is always best to proceed with caution. At the bare minimum, you should always use safety goggles to help protect your eyes from any flying debris. Hedge trimmers are also very loud, a pair of ear defenders would be quite beneficial to protect your hearing. Strong boots and gloves will also keep your hands and feet safe in the garden.

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