Tips To Encourage Wildlife In Your Garden This Summer

No matter the space we have around our house or apartment, there are things we can do to attract wildlife. Using our small piece of the land to create a healthy ecosystem, we encourage British species to flourish and the wider environment to thrive.

Here we offer some top tips to help you turn your outside space into a haven for wildlife, whether birds, bees, butterflies, or small mammals. We will help you create your mindful space to ease the stresses of modern life, but we will also help you make a difference in the local environment.

Provide Sources Of Food

Tips To Encourage Wildlife In Your Garden This Summer

One of the easiest ways to attract wildlife is to buy bird food online. Having a birdbox or table in your garden and filling these with different foods, such as seeds, nuts, grubs, and the like, you will soon get the pleasure of different species visiting you. Each year, being part of the national birdwatching scheme can also help ecologists protect our local birds and ensure populations are sustained.

Planting fruit trees and other berry-carrying shrubs can also provide a food source for birds and other creatures throughout the year. These trees and shrubs also provide nesting sites and hide for wildlife.

Grow Wild

Tips To Encourage Wildlife In Your Garden This Summer

When left to its own devices, nature can make beautiful things happen. You don’t have to leave your plot to turn into a jungle, but you can leave a small corner, border, or hedgerow to go wild.

If you want something more controlled and wild, you can buy a seed bomb full of wildflower seeds and cultivate an area this way. While these seed bombs won’t provide the structured elegance of a well-crafted border, something is stunning about a wild meadow in your garden.

Native wildflowers such as forget-me-nots, red campion, foxglove, and chamomile are also nectar-rich flowers and perfect for attracting bees and butterflies. Some flowers also attract insects that are excellent food sources for bats, which are wonderful visitors to any garden.

Leaving your lawn to grow a little wild is also perfect for wildlife. Your perfectly manicured grass leaves no room for wildlife. Therefore, mow less frequently and avoid using chemicals that destroy natural biodiversity.

You want plants like daisy, clover, and buttercups to grow, as they are the perfect food for nature, and they also attract the insects and grubs that provide the perfect food for hedgehogs.

Plant Hedgerows, Trees, And Shrubs

Tips To Encourage Wildlife In Your Garden This Summer

For wildlife to thrive, there needs to be adequate shelter and food. The right hedgerow, trees, shrubs can provide this and more. Changing your wooden fence panels for a hedge boundary of blackthorn or hawthorn can provide nesting sites, hiding places, and fruits and nuts for nourishment.

Yet, research has shown that the most attractive gardens for wildlife include trees. Trees are brilliant for reducing noise and the impacts of flooding and combatting climate change. If you have a good-sized garden, you might want to try silver birch, habitat for more than 300 insect species, and the seeds are a great natural feed for birds.

A wild cherry is wonderful for bees, caterpillars, birds, and mammals. The blackbird and song thrush are often attracted to this tree, and dogwood is a great alternative if you are limited on space.

Offer A Water Source

Tips To Encourage Wildlife In Your Garden This Summer

As well as food and shelter, wildlife needs a source of water to survive. While there are rivers and lakes around the country, wildlife will need a helping hand in times of extreme weather. Offering just a small dish of water can help with drinking and bathing. If you want to make a significant difference, you can opt for a pond and provide a space for insects and amphibians.

When offering a water source, keep it clean and topped up throughout the year. If you provide a pond, make sure there are shallow areas where animals can easily escape. It is also good to site these near a tree or hedgerow, so wildlife has somewhere to escape if there is danger close.

Offer Ready-Made Homes

Buying bird boxes, frog pots, hedgehog houses, or insect hotels are the perfect way to attract specific species to your garden. While these shelters are readily available from your local garden center, there is a lot of fun to be had in making your own!


Tips To Encourage Wildlife In Your Garden This Summer

There is great pleasure in attracting wildlife into your gardens, and it is good for our physical and mental well-being to be so connected with nature. However, more importantly, we can do our bit for the climate crisis by taking care of our part of the environment.

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