The Ultimate Royal Gender-Neutral Kids Bedroom Décor

Nowadays, gender-neutral bedrooms are quite sought after on the internet. With this trend being visible all across platforms such as Pinterest. This particular genre has even been commissioned to interior designers and architects all over the world when they start planning their projects.

Well, there might be tons of ideas regarding gender-neutral bedroom decors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all good, does it? As such, we’re going to introduce you to an elegant and timeless royal gender-neutral kids bedroom theme that both you and your little kings and queens will love!

Recreating the Gender-Neutral Kids Bedroom

Whether in the role of a King or Prince or in the role of a Queen or Princess, a King’s and Queen’s Castle will delight any child and will allow them to feel as if they are living in their fairytales. A place where even sleeping becomes the centre of their mystical adventures.

Kings and Queens Castle by Circu

This romantic fantasy item is perfect for kids to live a real fairytale from the moment they open their eyes to the moment they drift off to sleep. With an inspiring design, the intention is to make ‘sleepy-time’ an anxiously awaited part of your little one’s day.

Made entirely by hand with noble materials of great quality, it follows a modular system which allows for an easy assembly. The structure is built with wood, lacquered in glossy white, brass, details in synthetic leather and gold-plated finishes.

Soho Sideboard by Boca do Lobo

Soho gave the name to one of Boca do Lobo’s collections; this piece was also responsible for the first international steps of the brand. The sideboard was presented for the first time in London.

The attitude and irreverence reflected by this item made it an iconic piece of the brand. The Soho White Sideboard has never been unnoticed in any part of the world and transcends styles, cultures and trends. Drawers that count different and varied techniques from glass to wood, lacquer colour to mirror and gold leaf compose the contemporary sideboard, finely refined by brass handles.

Fantasy Air Bookcase by Circu

With a creative and playful design, the Fantasy Air Bookcase is inspired by vintage travel suitcases to reinforce the connection between children and exploring. The decorative suitcases are piled up to provide extra storage. Built in wood, lacquered in glossy white, with details in synthetic leather and gold plated finishes.

Atomic Ceiling Lamp by Circu

The Atomic light pendant is a modern design interpretation of the atomic age, inspired by the composition of the atom. Building this unique lighting design using materials such as brass, steel and aluminium.

Venice Mirror by Boca do Lobo

For centuries mirrors were widely believed to have enchanting powers thanks to their ability to reflect light and show appearance so precisely and incredibly. Through a passionate explosion of romance, the drama the Venice Mirror stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye.

Hand cut and carved by an experienced artisan who’s passion for glasswork goes back as far as his childhood, the Venice mirror represents Boca do Lobo’s ambition to bring value to true craftsmanship through contemporary design.

Redleh Rug, by Rug’Society

Thanks to their ever-presence throughout fairytales, kids love dragons! They really are the incarnation of magic itself. And Rug’Society proved it with the Redleh rug. This unique design allows children to picture themselves riding a dragon on a magical kingdom while adding a stylish feel to the room.

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