Things You Should And Should Not Say To People Struggling With Addiction Problems

Addiction is a massive problem for people using substances. People who are drug dependent find it extremely difficult to lead a normal life. People who are addicted struggle with everyday life because they cannot live without drugs. In addition, people who use substances commonly have distorted thinking behaviour. The changes in the brain cause one to behave in an unlikely manner.

Treat People Suffering From Addiction With Humanity 

People who are addicted are human, too; it is only fair that you treat them as such. Remember that they are struggling with the addiction, and a few kind words would go a long way. Many people suffering from addiction will join rehab center to begin their journey to recovery. It is not easy getting rid of an obsession. Avoid saying these things to people with addiction:

1. You will Never Change

Change is inevitable for every person. Never tell a person suffering from addiction that they will never change. Change for the people suffering from addiction is possible, only that it may take a longer time. Every person can change for the better, be considerate of the words you use on the person. Avoid words like “once an addict, always an addict”. Remember that recovery from addiction is a process and as with any process, there will always be a few setbacks. Try to not see it as a relapse or breakdown but rather as a step in the process forward.

Things You Should And Should Not Say To People Struggling With Addiction Problems

2. You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself 

Demining someone’s character is not the correct way of going about things. As much as people are addicted to substances and do and say things that are out of character, they deserve compassion and care. Addiction in itself is a daily struggle that people are fighting and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. So it is only right that you are gentle with them as they are already living with shame and guilt.

3. You, Will, Be Like This For The Rest Of Your Life 

Making assumptions about someone’s future is not fair nor is it realistic. Therefore, saying to someone suffering from addiction that they will never change is not helpful nor is it accurate. Many people who have faced addiction in their lives in one way or another managed to change for the better.

4. There Is Only One Way To Quit

Things You Should And Should Not Say To People Struggling With Addiction Problems

Addiction is different for every individual, and the journey to recovery is different as well. There are various routes for people dealing with addiction to find ways to quit, so it is better to let them see what works best for them. There are proven ways to fight addiction, such as Alcoholics Anonymous as well as various other support groups. The main objective is to find a solution for the addiction and looking into the various ways that someone can get help is the best route. Look into encouraging someone to seek a treatment program that can best work for them.

It can get frustrating and seem like it’s taking forever to see a difference. Practice and injecting positivity are needed in the person’s life to make the journey easier, no matter how hard it may seem. Becoming an addict is a gradual process and takes control of someone’s life. So remember that breaking that dependency is an equally long and gradual process. When someone you love is dealing with an addiction, it is only normal to want to help them. However, take time to understand the process and exercise patience above all. Support them and where you can understand, simply shower them with the love you know they deserve. Once you start loving them unconditionally, they too might start to love themselves again and feel that they are worth breaking the chains of addiction.

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