Exclusive First Look: Third Space’s Wimbledon Wellness Oasis

In an exciting development set to transform South West London’s fitness and wellness scene, Third Space, renowned as London’s most opulent fitness and health club, is preparing to open its doors to its newest gem – the Wimbledon Club.

This highly anticipated launch signifies Third Space’s strategic pivot towards expanding into residential areas, catering to the rising demand from members seeking conveniently located fitness hubs.

Nestled within the recently rejuvenated Wimbledon Quarter, this club offers an impressive 47,000 square feet of premium workout space for its discerning members.

A Tranquil Oasis for Wellness and Fitness

Central to the allure of Third Space Wimbledon is its state-of-the-art wellness sanctuary, designed to provide members with a holistic experience. The sanctuary features a refreshing plunge pool for immersive cold water therapy, bespoke heated loungers for relaxation, a traditional hot and dry Finnish sauna, and a hot and wet Loyly sauna.

Exclusive First Look: Third Space's Wimbledon Wellness Oasis

It’s where tranquillity seamlessly blends with training, highlighted by a 25-meter, four-lane swimming pool, carefully crafted for optimal performance and set against a soothing backdrop of calming blue and green hues.

Introducing Reformer Pilates: A Dynamic Approach to Fitness

One of the most exciting introductions at Third Space Wimbledon is Reformer Pilates, responding to the growing demand from members for this unique style of training.

Taught by industry-leading instructors within one of the club’s three dedicated Mind & Body studios, Third Space Reformer Pilates offers a low-impact yet dynamic strengthening workout. This addition further enriches the already extensive range of award-winning classes available to members in-club.

Exclusive First Look: Third Space's Wimbledon Wellness Oasis

A Multifaceted Training Haven

Third Space Wimbledon boasts a variety of cutting-edge fitness facilities, including the signature HIIT studio, Watt Bike Zone, and a dedicated cycle studio with gradient lighting and immersive surround sound – all meticulously designed to elevate the training experience.

However, it’s “The Yard” that truly steals the show, an impressive double-height cross-functional training area featuring elite-level equipment such as sled tracks and Eleiko strength equipment. Here, members can push themselves to their limits using precision-crafted assault bikes, Ski-ergs, rowing machines, barbells, and more.

Aesthetic Marvel: Design and Locale Fusion

Designed by Tonik Associates, Third Space Wimbledon is a testament to aesthetics and locality. Infused with touches of the iconic Wimbledon green, paying homage to the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), the club is adorned with 3D feature walls, terrazzo flooring, bespoke lighting, and captivating artwork from the renowned Rebecca Hossack Gallery, making it a true visual delight.

Exclusive First Look: Third Space's Wimbledon Wellness Oasis

Since its inception in 2001 with the launch of its flagship Soho club, Third Space has consistently curated exceptional fitness spaces. Recently, the group secured a substantial loan facility of £88.5 million to fuel its continued expansion, starting with the Wimbledon club.

Following the grand opening in Wimbledon, Third Space enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate the unveiling of new clubs in Battersea, Clapham Junction, and Wood Wharf in 2024.

Colin Waggett’s Vision: Expanding the Third Space Network

Colin Waggett, the CEO of Third Space, expressed his excitement about the launch of the Wimbledon club, emphasizing its pivotal role in expanding the club network into new areas of London. He affirmed that no detail has been overlooked in providing members with top-tier features and amenities.

Waggett noted that the addition of Reformer Pilates reflects the evolving fitness preferences of members, seeking lower-impact and multifaceted ways to strengthen and stabilize their bodies. Plans are already in motion to expand this offering to other Third Space clubs.

Exclusive First Look: Third Space's Wimbledon Wellness Oasis

Nutrition Meets Convenience: Natural Fitness Food

To enhance the holistic experience at Third Space Wimbledon, Natural Fitness Food will be readily available on-site. This addition allows both members and passers-by to indulge in a nutritious meal, snack, or freshly made shake on-site.

The menus have been thoughtfully curated to accommodate various lifestyle and dietary preferences, ensuring that Third Space clients receive comprehensive support in achieving their nutritional goals.

In conclusion, the eagerly anticipated launch of Third Space Wimbledon heralds a new era in luxury fitness and wellness in South West London. With its unmatched amenities, innovative fitness programs, and commitment to member satisfaction, this new club is set to become the premier destination for those seeking a truly exceptional fitness and wellness experience.

As Third Space continues to expand its reach across London, members can look forward to more groundbreaking fitness and lifestyle offerings in the near future.

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