Timeless Elegance: London Interior Design Studio’s Luxury Revamps

Naomi Astley Clarke, an esteemed and celebrated interior designer, has made her mark in the industry, securing her place as one of Andrew Martin’s Top 100 Designers in the World for 2022.

With over 25 years of experience, her studio specializes in the artful renovation and refurbishment of residential and commercial properties, earning her reputation as one of London’s most sought-after designers.

Unparalleled Interior Design and Decoration Services

Timeless Elegance: London Interior Design Studio's Luxury Revamps

Naomi Astley Clarke studio offers an unparalleled Interior Design and Decoration service, catering to a diverse clientele that includes renowned movie stars, producers, music moguls, professionals, and entrepreneurs. With a profound commitment to privacy, the studio safeguards their clients’ confidentiality while delivering a truly unique and personalized service.

Naomi Astley Clarke herself affirms, “I design interiors for my clients, not for myself. I find immense joy when clients contribute their own ideas to the process – it breathes life into our work. Taking into consideration their passions and idiosyncrasies, the final design becomes a manifestation of their individuality.”

The Distinctive Aesthetic: Elegant, Relaxed, and Opulent

Naomi Astley Clarke’s signature style embraces a captivating blend of bold colours and lavish materials. Merging fine British craftsmanship with design influences from around the world, the team creates an unmistakable look that resonates with their discerning clients.

Timeless Elegance: London Interior Design Studio's Luxury Revamps

Their designs epitomize personalized luxury and functionality, evoking a sense of cherished warmth and comfort. Every space is meticulously tailored to reflect the client’s unique interests and lifestyle, resulting in carefully curated, bespoke environments.

From custom shoe closets, perfectly proportioned to fit every shoe size, to meticulously crafted shelving designed to showcase BRIT and MTV awards, and seating solutions handpicked for script-reading comfort – Naomi Astley Clarke’s expertise shines through in every intelligent and exhilarating design.

The Art of Collaboration: From Concept to Reality

Collaborating with trusted artisans and craftsmen, Naomi Astley Clarke transforms her design visions into reality. Through bespoke joinery and furniture, she ensures that every element of her creations exudes elegance and sophistication. With an extensive network of global suppliers, the studio sources unparalleled soft furnishings, fabrics, lighting, antiques, and artwork from distinguished dealers in London.

Timeless Elegance: London Interior Design Studio's Luxury Revamps

Clarke emphasizes, “Our handpicked team comprises highly skilled professionals who are not only friendly and approachable but also exceptionally efficient, meticulously organized, and unwaveringly thorough. We go the extra mile to uphold keen attention to detail and deliver the highest level of craftsmanship. Working exclusively with the most talented artisans and designers, we hold values such as integrity, innovation, discretion, and, above all, the utmost privacy and protection of our client’s interests.”


Naomi Astley Clarke’s legacy of unparalleled interior design continues to shape breathtaking spaces, reflecting the passions and uniqueness of her esteemed clientele. Through her masterful craftsmanship and unyielding commitment to client satisfaction, she has firmly established herself as a trailblazer in the world of interior design, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Discover the transformative power of Naomi Astley Clarke’s designs – where luxury, functionality, and personalization unite, resulting in timeless and extraordinary spaces that captivate the senses.