Tips For Boy Haircuts And Style Ideas

Any parent of a young child knows that a trip to the hairdresser can be a bit traumatic for your child. This can be even more stressful on their first trip to the barber.

However, there are some tricks and tips you can use to put your child’s mind at ease before the big day.

In this article, we will provide tips on how to calm your child before a trip to the hair salon. As well we will include some of the most popular boy haircuts, from toddler to preteen.

Tips For Boy Haircuts At A Salon Or Barber Shop

Tips For Boy Haircuts And Style Ideas

Tell Them What to Expect

One of the most important tips we can give you is to prepare your son before his first boy haircut. Pull up videos on YouTube or TikTok of boys’ haircuts, so they know what to expect.

Another thing that might help keep them calm is how you phrase things. The term “haircut” may give them anxiety, so instead, you can say that they are going in for a “style” or “trim.”  

Explain to your child that you will take them to a barber shop/hair salon for a hair trim/style. Let them know that they will most likely have their hair washed before the trim, and they will sit in a special chair that moves up and down.

Let them know that the barber is trained on how to safely trim his hair, and they will place a special “cape” on your child to keep their hair from falling on their clothes.  

Let your child help you choose your new style. Look at pictures online or in magazines and let them point out their favorite boy haircuts. Bring the picture with you to the salon to show the stylist or barber.

Bonus Tip: Consider taking them to a salon specializing in children’s haircuts. It might make them nervous if they go to a barber shop and there aren’t any other children present. Should you take them to a child-based salon, they will feel comfortable seeing other children getting their haircuts as well.  

Tips For Boy Haircuts And Style Ideas

Visit the Barber Shop or Hair Salon Prior to Their Haircut Appointment

Take your son to the salon or barber shop where he will get his boy’s haircut. If you have an older child, you can bring your son along to watch them get their cut so they will know what to expect. See if you can arrange a few minutes to talk to the hair stylist so they will be familiar with them before their appointment time.

The stylist can also give them some insight on what to expect and might even allow them to watch them while they are working with another client.

Bonus Tip: Schedule their boy’s haircut at a time that is convenient for your child. For example, if they still take naps, do not let their hair appointment coincide with their naptime. You know what time of day your child is at their best energy level and mood-wise, so schedule their hair trim accordingly. 

Be Prepared for the Appointment

If your son feels uncomfortable with someone else washing their hair, wash them at home before the appointment. Then let them know that the barber may use a spray bottle to wet their hair to make it easier to trim.

Bring a snack and juice box or water for your child. This might help put them at ease. As well you can give them your phone or Ipad to watch a movie or their favorite television show to help them relax and take their mind off the boy’s haircut.

Treat Them After the Boy’s Haircut

Tips For Boy Haircuts And Style Ideas

It is perfectly acceptable to reward your child after their boy haircut. Take them out for dinner or lunch or even ice cream. Take them to the movies or let them pick out a small toy. As well, be sure to compliment them on their boy haircut.

Creating a happy memory will help put their mind at ease when it comes time for their next trim.  

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