Larry King London Hairdresser

Located in South Kensington, Larry King London Hairdressers has gained a reputation as one of the go-to celebrity hairdressers in the UK.

As you know, if you follow me and have read my previous articles, I love my hair blow-dried. Possibly because I’ve had so many blow-dries, I am extremely particular as to what I like and the style I want. I have to admit that I was super excited to go to Larry King London as I had heard such great reviews!

The style of the South Kensington salon is very relaxed with great interiors, I’m told the idea was to create a members club feel. Not in the pretentious or stiff sense but in that everyone knows you and is friendly.

I arrived and was greeted by lots of smiles, offered a drink and sat down almost straight away. My stylist, Scott Ade, spoke to me about what I liked and wanted, then whisked me off for washing.

“Book with Scott if you’re looking for a calm experienced stylist, who totally understands his clients and their hair. Perfect for the Fine Hair Remedy. Scott is also nicknamed “Jackanory” in the salon for telling THE BEST stories and is our resident ska and reggae DJ.”

Larry King

Shampoo and conditioner smelt absolutely wonderful. Everyone is offered a head massage which was so relaxing that it nearly put me to sleep!

Then it was straight on to the blow-dry where I was offered another drink (green tea this time which came on the cutest tray). Scott lifted my roots all over first – never had this done and it worked wonders for volume! After this, he went on to pin curl my hair, section by section, after blowing it out with a round brush.

I sat for around 10 mins whereafter I had the pin curls taken out as I had to go out straight afterwards. I would never recommend this. Always keep your pin curls in for as long as possible! As a tip, I’ve even taken my pin curls out in the car on the way to an event before. The longer they are in the longer your blow-dry will hold.

And ta-da, see the finished result below! I feel this look is very Chelsea girl tousled blow dry, which is great for an undone glamour look. I really had the best time in the salon and urge anyone to book an appointment soon!

Mia L Middleton at Larry King London
Mia Middleton


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