Tomatin Unveils Limited-Edition 45YO Whisky

Tomatin, the award-winning Highland distillery, has recently revealed a remarkable new limited-edition 45-Year-Old single malt whisky.

This exceptional spirit is the first 45 Year Old to be released in travel retail and is available worldwide, with only 250 individually numbered bottles produced.

With its bespoke decanter and packaging, Tomatin pays homage to its Scottish Highland heritage, as well as the exceptional quality of its whisky.

The release of the 45-Year-Old is a testament to Tomatin’s commitment to craftsmanship and excellence in whisky-making.

Inspired by the Scenic Landscape: Bespoke Decanter and Packaging

Tomatin’s new luxury style for its premium range is showcased in the packaging of the 45 Year Old.

The bespoke decanter is made of Glencairn crystal, with a golden stopper, and encased in a striking high gloss wooden box. The packaging, with hues of dark chocolate browns and gold, subtly references the distillery’s scenic landscape.

The curved doors and etchings on the wooden box represent the rolling hills surrounding the distillery and the spirit travelling up the stills.

Tasting Profile: Tropical Spirit with a Mix of Dried Fruits

Tomatin Unveils Limited-Edition 45YO Whisky

Bottled at 41.5% ABV, the 45-Year-Old single malt whisky has been gently matured in a Spanish Oloroso sherry cask for over 45 years, resulting in a tropical spirit on the nose.

This is followed by a wave of summer berries and cherry, with freshly roasted coffee beans providing a dryness.

On the palate, the whisky develops a mix of dried tropical fruits before a burst of tangy Sanguinello blood orange, salted caramel chocolate, and a hint of herbal bitters.

A satin-like texture cloaks the palate with dried tropical fruits and tangy citrus. The subtle influence of the sherry cask comes through lightly at the end.

Limited-Edition Release: Perfect for a Truly Special Occasion

Tomatin’s 45 Year Old single malt whisky is a robust but complex spirit with a varied tasting profile.

Its rarity makes it perfect for a truly special occasion and the ideal addition for global collectors.

The release of the 45-Year-Old is a remarkable moment for the distillery, as it reveals the latest premium aged-statement single malt whisky in its portfolio.

Tomatin’s Heritage: A Great Story of Craftsmanship

Whisky production has been central to the way of life in Tomatin since the 15th century, with the first formal distillery established in 1897.

Today, the local landscape and community remain at the heart of the brand, with many of the distillery’s craftspeople working on-site for their entire working lives.

Tomatin Unveils Limited-Edition 45YO Whisky

Tomatin Single Malt is owned by the Japanese company Takara Shuzo International, and the brand is dedicated to protecting its craft, environment, and community.

In 2022, Tomatin launched its new brand platform, “To What Matters,” designed to remind people about the important things in life.

To What Matters” is a positive call to arms that represents the spiritual DNA of Tomatin – a human belief in what’s truly important in life, the significant moments.

In Conclusion: Highland Craftsmanship at Its Best

Tomatin’s limited-edition 45-Year-Old single malt whisky is a tribute to Highland craftsmanship and the brand’s commitment to producing exceptional quality whisky.

With only 250 bottles available worldwide, this rare and complex spirit is a must-have for any whisky collector or connoisseur.