Top Reasons To Choose Porcelain Flooring

Find out why you might want to consider porcelain flooring for your home.

When it comes to flooring, you sure have lots of options. You can go with the elegance of hardwood or classy natural stone like quartz or marble.

If your budget is more limited, then you can opt for laminate flooring, along with vinyl or engineered wood. Ceramic flooring is also a good option, but there’s a type of ceramic flooring that’s just excellent. This is the use of porcelain flooring.

Porcelain is made from extremely dense clay, and it’s fired at higher temperatures than what’s needed for ceramic. A standard porcelain tile usually comes with the same thickness as ceramic tile, but the porcelain is denser and heavier. And that’s not the only reason why porcelain is one of the best options for home flooring.

Top Reasons To Choose Porcelain Flooring


Porcelain flooring is tough enough that it can handle large amounts of traffic. So, if you’re prone to hosting parties regularly, you might want to hold your gatherings in a large room with porcelain flooring. The flooring is just highly resistant to wear. These porcelain tiles don’t break easily as well.

The tiles don’t even scratch all that easily, either. That’s why porcelain flooring is a good option for those with pet cats and dogs. Their rough nails won’t damage the flooring.


Unlike laminate flooring and carpeting, you don’t have to worry about moisture as well. Spills aren’t really any problem, and you can clean the floor easily enough.

Homes in colder climates can have problems with regular ceramic tiles, as these tiles can crack when they get damp and then get exposed to freezing temperatures.

Top Reasons To Choose Porcelain Flooring

That’s not an issue with porcelain, because the material is denser and more uniform. It’s much less porous than regular ceramic, so the moisture just can’t seep through the porcelain.

While there are some daring souls who use porcelain outdoors, however, it may be best to limit its use indoors. Natural stone (or even concrete) is just better for outdoor use.

Low Maintenance

Basically, there’s just no need to baby this type of flooring. It can handle everyday life with no trouble at all.

That’s one of the problems with other types of flooring. Maintenance can be problematic, and you have to go with lots of preventive measures to make sure your flooring doesn’t get damaged. That’s a problem with hardwood, laminate flooring, and even natural stone. You have to be very careful with these types of flooring.

But with porcelain tiles, you don’t have to worry. There’s no need for some sort of special sealant. You don’t have to use some type of special cleaner. If you spill something during a party, you don’t have to clean it right away. You can deal with the problem later.

Top Reasons To Choose Porcelain Flooring

Cleaning porcelain tiles is so easy that you can just splash some water on the spill to wash it off. This is why you’ll often find porcelain tiles in the areas where the flooring can get wet or dirty. It’s a great option for mudrooms, entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Once a week, maybe you can sweep the floor and then use a damp mop. That’s basically it. You don’t need to Google some special information on how to clean your porcelain flooring.

Great Looks

Who wants ugly flooring? Flooring should be beautiful, and it should help make your home more attractive. And porcelain can be gorgeous.

You have porcelain tiles that mimic the look of oak floors and other wood effects. Then you can also go with the look of natural stone, which means you can get the look of marble and slate.

But you can also go with more imaginative effects. There are geometric designs to pick from, along with Moroccan and Arabesque themes. Pattern tiles can even give you a 3D effect, such as with the Hexagon 3D Cube tiles.

That means regardless of the interior design style you’re going for, from rustic and elegant to modern and futuristic, you can find the pattern and design you’re looking for with porcelain tiles.

Top Reasons To Choose Porcelain Flooring

Final Words

Of course, with all these benefits, you have to expect that porcelain flooring won’t be cheap. While porcelain tiles aren’t outrageously expensive (unlike some natural stone tiles), they’re still more expensive than your average ceramic tile.

You will also need to factor in the cost of the professional installation. Even if you’re good at DIY and you have the best tile cutter for porcelain, you shouldn’t do this on your own unless you already have some experience with porcelain flooring installation.

Even repairing porcelain tiles is more expensive than ceramic tiles. At least it’s a good thing that porcelain tiles are so tough that you’re not likely to need repair services in the future!

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