Travel Trends: How has Travel Changed in 2021

The post-Covid world has changed the way we live our lives, but what does this mean for travel in 2021?

With post-pandemic life shaping the way we enjoy vacations, emerging travel trends are hitting holiday goers and finding new ways to enjoy their holiday. However, with 2020 showing us that even our favourite close to home places can still be out of reach, the yearning and desire to get away and enjoy what the world has to offer has grown. 

The life of lockdown is set to push the travel industry to new heights both globally and locally, with councils and governments taking action for better and safer travel. We don’t quite know what the future has in store, but with vaccinations rolling out and the fight on Covid strengthening all the time, here are a few ways we can see travel changing in 2021.

Going the Extra Mile

Travel Trends: How has Travel Changed in 2021

Although the world is opening up once again, the Covid-19 hangover is still in full effect, meaning tests are needed for international trips. These additional requirements are pushing people to go further afield rather than enjoying a short trip over a long weekend. As a result, more bucket list type holidays are being seen, with travellers choosing to stay away for longer.

The restless feeling of being stuck at home has brought the adventurous side out in many people, with lots wanting to make the most of life and turn all those lockdown fantasies into reality. Be it exploring new and exciting places, or finally going on that incredible honeymoon destination after your lockdown wedding, we are all ready to explore our beautiful world once again.

With all the added travel constrictions and requirements, holidaymakers have been seen to opt for more unique destinations with fewer changeovers while flying. Fewer flights have seen longer stay durations allowing travellers to get the most of their time away.

Going Contactless and Staying Updated

Travel Trends: How has Travel Changed in 2021

The rise of Covid has seen the demise of cash transactions, with lots of shop owners and businesses only accepting card transactions. This change in payment has helped to boost the use of contactless payments. 

The technology behind contactless payments through your smartphone is a new and safe way to make transactions. With just the click of a button, you can pay for your goods, whether you’re in a shop, on the bus, or on the tube. This way of paying is a great way to keep the spread of germs to a minimum due to your phone passing through a lot fewer hands compared to physical cash notes and coins.

With this rise in mobile technology, holidaymakers are now able to receive notifications regarding pretty much anything, keeping people up to date with localised covid restrictions and potential outbreaks in the area. These notifications have provided travellers with a lot more confidence when moving around different cities.

Another advance in mobile technology has seen boarding passes acting in a similar way to contactless payments. Having your barcode on your phone gives you one less thing to remember; just don’t forget your phone!

Remote Working

Travel Trends: How has Travel Changed in 2021

Remote working is becoming a much more popular choice for employers and employees. The lockdown has shown that efficiency and work rate aren’t lost by working from home. This, in the long run, can help companies save lots of money on rent and bills, with office spaces taking a reduction in size.

With the freedom to work at home, coffee shops, and pretty much anywhere there is a WiFi connection, a rise in staycation goers has been seen to enjoy coastal trips with beautiful sceneries without having to take holidays from work. Instead, they can simply connect to their phone hotspot or local WiFi connection and still be as productive as in the office.
Barbados is the front runner in this working away lifestyle, offering the first digital nomad working visa. This allows you to work in paradise for a year no matter the job you have. Other countries have followed suit, but each place has its own rules and restrictions regarding what you need to be accepted.

Trusted Hotels and Travel

The Viceroy Bali Island Resort Terrace Villa
Private Pool

The level of trust people are searching for has taken a sharp rise, with many travellers opting for companies that offer a higher level of hygiene, health, and service standards. If travel providers can offer these higher standards, the level of trust and loyalty will grow, even if the price of a ticket is a little more.

A lot of places are adapting to the new standard expected by travellers, with establishments like Hilton Hotels offering contactless stays and other hotels such as the Marriot using electrostatic spray bottles.

With the changes for customers come changes for employees, with businesses giving out full training to staff to help them reach this new normal with the workplace.

Travel Agents are your New Best Friends

Travel Trends: How has Travel Changed in 2021

The pandemic has highlighted a lot of change in the travel industry, with not all of it being truly clear. However, with the new age of travelling, travel agents have become the source of all knowledge helping with holiday inspiration, the best deals, and all the latest health and safety restrictions to your chosen destination.

If something comes up and you need to make any alterations to your journey, travel agents can be your saving grace, giving you more power and more information. With so much uncertainty and restrictions changing all the time, a travel agent is a great person to have to back your corner. They will save you time, money, and most of all, stress!


2021 has seen an array of new travel trends that holidaymakers are using, whether that’s for better conditions during their stay or enjoying longer trips than ever before. The new age of travelling is upon us. It’s time to get out and see what the world has to offer.

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