Trinity Cocktail Menu – 6 Continents, 6 Bars, 1 Menu

Sexy Fish, the renowned restaurant bar, is set to launch its new and exclusive Trinity cocktail menu across six continents.

The menu, which focuses on balancing the elements of flavour, aroma, and texture, will be available starting Monday, March 6, in some of the world’s most acclaimed bars.

Introducing Trinity, The Menu That Excites The Senses

Trinity is a tantalising new cocktail menu that aims to unleash the power of three by creating unexpected synergies that excite the senses.

The menu will launch exclusively at Sexy Fish London and Sexy Fish Miami, while also popping up for one-night-only at four host bars across the globe, all recognised for their industry-leading mixologists and impeccable cocktails.

On the night of the launch, guests will be able to enjoy the full Sexy Fish experience at Cause Effect in Cape Town, South Africa (World 50 best bars 2022), EL BARÓN in Cartagena, Colombia (World 50 best bars 2022), Re- in Sydney, Australia (World 50 best bars 2022 & Sustainable Bar of the Year 2021), and Zest in Seoul, South Korea (Asia’s 50 best bars 2022).

Curated by Xavier Landais, Director of Bars at Caprice Holdings, and his team of bartenders, Trinity features twenty show-stopping new creations, including sixteen alcoholic and four non-alcoholic variations.

The menu utilises an array of select spirits such as vodka, gin, whisky, and tequila, and focuses on flavour, aroma, and texture.

Xavier Landais, Director of Bars at Caprice Holdings, said, “Our brand-new cocktail menu is the culmination of six months of development work and is a huge passion project for all 40 of our London and Miami bartenders.

This is such an exciting project and the first time we have launched a brand-new menu across six continents on the same day with our full Sexy Fish menu and original glassware.

It’s incredible that guests visiting our host bars will be able to enjoy the full Sexy Fish experience for one night only, whether they are in Colombia, South Africa, Australia or South Korea.”

The limited-edition cocktail list features highlights such as Coconut and Lemongrass (£16.00), Marshmallow and Raspberry (£23.00), and Coffee and Toast (£23.00). Non-alcoholic cocktails include Malt and Cinnamon (£13.00).

Participating Bars

Cause Effect, Cape Town, South Africa Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen & Cape brandy is a world-class bar inspired by the ocean, mountains, and vineyards of Cape Town.

Their cause is to effect local ingredients to create unique flavours that push creative boundaries while providing a one-of-a-kind guest experience.

EL BARÓN, Cartagena, Colombia El Barón is a cocktail bar with a classic concept that specializes in classic cocktails as the basis of any cocktail bar.

The seasonal menu showcases global trends. Everything, including the ice, decor, glassware, and the food that goes with their drinks, has attention to detail.

El Barón is a story that expands more and more over time.

Re-, Sydney, Australia Re- is one of the world’s best bars that provide a regenerative drinking experience built from the ground up.

It’s the pioneering bar from hospitality heavyweight Matt Whiley that focuses on local ingredients and sustainability, leading the way with innovative and tasty drinks while minimizing waste.

Re- aims to reframe how bars talk about and act on sustainability and waste, making it a model for the industry.

Zest, Seoul, South Korea Zest, the outer skin of citrus fruit used as a flavouring, is a coined word by team Zest, which is the abbreviation for ‘Zero-Waste’.

Inspired by the surrounding nature, team Zest aims to minimize waste in every possible corner.

By using locally grown products from local producers, they are building a community that grows together.

The goal is to build a sustainable “Fine Drinking” culture where the environment, community, and people exist together in harmony.

Book a Table and Experience the New Cocktail Menu at Sexy Fish

If you want to experience the full Sexy Fish experience, including the new Trinity cocktail menu, head over to to book a table. With its limited-edition cocktails, world-class mixologists, and impeccable service, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

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