Trucker Career — How to Master and Get This Job

The profession of a trucker is extremely popular in the United States for some good reasons. Firstly, this job brings high and stable earnings. Secondly, it allows you to see the whole country, doing what you love.

To become a truck driver, you must obtain a special license — Commercial Driving License (CDL). This document allows a person to drive a truck weighing over 26,000 pounds. It also allows truck drivers to transport hazardous materials. To get a CDL, you must pass a written exam, as well as a driving test. Both tests are designed to demonstrate the driver’s ability to drive a truck.

To prepare for the exams required to become a truck driver, many people choose to attend a truck driving school for this purpose. Attending driving school, students receive instruction in the classroom. In addition, they have a chance to drive a truck under the supervision of an instructor. That’s important. But you should also be able to pass exams. This review will discuss what it takes to successfully pass the CDL exams, as well as how to get your first job as a truck driver.

Trucker Career — How to Master and Get This Job

How to Get Free CDL?

With all documents, you need to apply to the CDL school, which works with companies and the government of the country. When choosing a truck driving school, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Distance from where you live;
  • The cost of living during the period of study;
  • Conditions and duration of schooling;
  • Having a good reputation and reviews about the school.

For such schools, the state allocates a Grant for education. Your study will last approximately 4 months; the course of study will be 180 hours. It is advisable to go to the course as if it were a job, without gaps, every day for 8 hours.

Part of the cost of your education ($2,000) will be paid by the state. And the rest of the amount will be paid by the company for which you will work as a trucker in the future after you receive the CDL. The employer withholds the amount spent on training from your salary for the first few months.

Trucker Career — How to Master and Get This Job

How to Find a Job as a CDL Truck Driver if You Are a Beginner?

There are many ads on the Internet “CDL Class A Drivers Wanted” from logistics companies looking for truckers. If you were trained at a truck driver school, then there is an opportunity to get a job through it because some CDL schools have agreements with companies for the further employment of graduates. As a rule, immediately after getting a job, a beginner is given two weeks for an internship. The new truck driver must get used to the procedures that exist within the company.

Some trucking firms pay for coursework and exams for those who agree to work as truck drivers for the company for a specified period. In most cases, this period is one year. Those who leave the company before the end of the agreed period are obliged to refund all or part of the remuneration to the company.