Date Differently: Break the Ice with Unique Experiences at The Yards

The Yards recently introduced ‘Date Differently’, a cutting-edge initiative that promises to transform your dating experiences into memorable, extraordinary moments.

Meticulously researched and tailored to Londoners’ preferences, this campaign focuses on creating a comfortable, light-hearted atmosphere for those initial encounters, with an emphasis on meaningful conversations and shared laughter. Prepare to explore an array of unique dating activities and discover the magic of connecting on a deeper level with someone special.

Date Differently: Break the Ice with Unique Experiences at The Yards

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for First Dates

The Yards’ research indicates that 70% of Londoners yearn for a comfortable and light-hearted atmosphere on their first dates. Genuine conversations are the focus for 70% of respondents, while almost half are eager to share a good laugh. To explore different dating activities and attitudes towards them, The Yards delved deeper into the preferences of Londoners.

While a traditional meal at a restaurant remains a popular choice for 60% of Londoners, more adventurous options are gaining traction. Over two-fifths (41%) of respondents expressed interest in pasta/pizza making, while 36% found the idea of ice cream tasting intriguing. Additionally, 33% of respondents showed enthusiasm for cooking courses.

Activity dates offer numerous benefits, with 58% of Londoners feeling that they break down barriers and promote natural conversations. Moreover, 89% of respondents are more likely to continue dating someone who plans a thrilling and adventurous date or meet-up.

Introducing Date Differently at The Yards

To cater to the evolving preferences of Londoners, The Yards has launched the Date Differently campaign. Throughout July and August, this exciting initiative offers a series of unique dating experiences in collaboration with various venues at The Yards.

Pamper Your Date at Townhouse

For an ultimate dating pamper session, Townhouse, a luxury nail salon, offers couples manicures and pedicures. To add a touch of luxury and relaxation, couples can enjoy complimentary refreshing Mirabeau tinned rosé while getting their nails done together.

Date Differently: Break the Ice with Unique Experiences at The Yards

Redefining the nail salon experience, Townhouse offers high-quality treatments within exquisite surroundings, earning it a reputation as the go-to destination for celebrities and discerning individuals.

Dance Your Way to Romance at Pineapple Dance Studio

Break the ice and ignite sparks on a dancing class date at Pineapple Dance Studio. With a variety of dance styles for beginners, from salsa to ballroom and tango, this dance class guarantees long-lasting memories and eradicates those awkward first-date jitters.

Date Differently: Break the Ice with Unique Experiences at The Yards

Pineapple stands as London’s premier dance studio, offering an extensive range of over 40 dance styles for all ages and skill levels. From regular dance classes to seasonal workshops and masterclasses, there’s something for everyone to groove to.

Indulge in Pancake Competition at Bill’s

For those who love healthy competition, Bill’s challenges daters to see who can eat the most pancakes in one sitting. Enjoy an all-you-can-eat feast of fluffy American-style pancakes with a plethora of delectable toppings, along with bottomless hot drinks for an extra £3.50 or bottomless prosecco for £18.50.

Date Differently: Break the Ice with Unique Experiences at The Yards

Nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, a stone’s throw away from Upper St Martin’s Lane, you’ll find Bill’s at The Yards. This hidden gem offers ample seating spread across two floors, with the added option of outdoor dining. Prepare to be charmed by the inviting ambience, featuring comfortable sofas, vibrant pops of colour, and an eclectic array of unique antiques and treasures, carefully handpicked by none other than Bill himself.


Lynne Henderson, Marketing & Community Manager at The Yards, expresses excitement about the launch of Date Differently. The initiative offers a unique opportunity for individuals to connect on a deeper level by exploring shared experiences. By opting for activity-based dates, individuals inject fun, excitement, and adventure into their dating lives, leading to stronger connections and increased compatibility. So, say farewell to dull first dates and embrace Date Differently at The Yards for an unforgettable dating experience like no other.

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