Unveiling Belvedere 10: A Fusion of Luxury and Style

Encased in a striking, sculpted pure white bottle, this singular spirit is more than a mere drink; it’s a statement of opulence. Uncompromising in both craft and design, Belvedere 10 embodies sheer liquid brilliance, setting the stage for a captivating new campaign.

Belvedere Vodka’s latest campaign unfolds as an intriguing ensemble, featuring two white 70’s Rolls Royces, crocodile boots, a transformed hacienda turned night club, a New Zealand cowboy, a captivating soundtrack, and the legendary Future. What ties this eclectic mix together is the undeniable swagger of this cinematic spectacle, where the essence of good times permeates every frame.

The director’s cut, spanning three minutes, kicks off with Future cruising along a dusty road at sunset, exuding effortless style. From there, viewers are treated to an atmospheric and humorous journey, as Future embarks on a quest for the elusive Belvedere 10.

Unveiling Belvedere 10: A Fusion of Luxury and Style

The campaign’s pinnacle moment arrives in a memorable face-off between Future and Taika Waititi, the campaign’s director and co-star, as they execute an intricate and coded handshake. Their flawless execution unlocks access to a coveted bottle of Belvedere 10, sealing the deal in style.

The Making of Belvedere’s All-Star Campaign

Behind the scenes, Belvedere’s campaign is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and creative collaboration. Styled by Vogue Australia’s Editor-in-Chief, Christine Centenera, and captured through the lens of renowned photographer Atiba Jefferson, the campaign exudes sophistication at every turn.

Centenera’s keen eye for fashion and Jefferson’s knack for capturing the essence of culture combine seamlessly to bring the campaign to life. Grammy award-winning producer ATL Jacob lends his expertise to curate an original soundtrack, further elevating the campaign’s allure and setting the perfect tone for Future’s cinematic journey.

Unveiling Belvedere 10: A Fusion of Luxury and Style

The creative process behind the campaign reflects Belvedere’s commitment to excellence and innovation. From conceptualization to execution, every detail is carefully considered to ensure a seamless blend of style and substance.

Future’s involvement adds an extra layer of authenticity, as his forward-thinking approach to creativity aligns perfectly with Belvedere’s brand ethos. Together, they’ve created a campaign that not only captivates audiences but also sets a new standard for luxury advertising.

Future and Taika Waititi on the Campaign

Reflecting on the campaign’s creation, Future expresses his admiration for its unfiltered authenticity, stating, “I loved that there was a readiness to craft something unedited, genuine, and resolute.” Taika Waititi echoes this sentiment, highlighting the campaign’s ability to balance humour and rebelliousness within the realm of luxury.

Waititi’s directorial vision brings a fresh perspective to the campaign, infusing it with wit and charm that resonates with audiences worldwide. Their collaborative spirit shines through in every frame, creating a campaign that is as memorable as it is stylish.

Future’s creative vision has reshaped the landscape of music and entertainment, infusing it with his unique brand of brilliance. Belvedere 10 shares this commitment to authenticity and style, seamlessly blending elements of culture, luxury, and opulence.

Unveiling Belvedere 10: A Fusion of Luxury and Style

Together, they represent a modern icon of brutalist elegance, celebrating not only the liquid they hold but also the unyielding pursuit of excellence.

A Symbol of Meticulous Craftsmanship

Belvedere 10 stands as a modern icon of brutalist elegance, paying homage to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into its creation. Each bottle, towering at ten levels tall, symbolises the spirit’s intricate ten-step process.

The pure white hue reflects the liquid’s purity, while its chiselled facets evoke a diamond-like sparkle, reminiscent of the precious organic Diamond Rye used in its distillation. The bottle itself is a work of art, meticulously designed to embody the essence of Belvedere 10 – bold, uncompromising, and undeniably chic.

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