Unwind at Disrepute: Chic Summer Cocktails

Are you searching for the perfect place to beat the scorching summer heat? Look no further than Disrepute, a cool and chic underground cocktail bar nestled in the heart of London.

With its elegant art deco design, rich history, and refreshing concoctions, Disrepute offers an unparalleled experience that will transport you to a bygone era of glamour and sophistication.

Unveiling the Hidden Gem

Step into Disrepute and leave the sweltering temperatures behind. This hidden gem is renowned as one of the top 50 bars worldwide, attracting discerning patrons seeking high-class cocktails in a unique and seductive atmosphere. Inspired by the vibrant underground scene of the sixties, Disrepute boasts a stylish ambience adorned with opulent leather and velvet furnishings that exude luxury.

Unwind at Disrepute: Chic Summer Cocktails

Exquisite Mixology by World-Class Bartenders

Prepare to have your taste buds tantalized as Disrepute’s team of world-class bartenders craft each drink to perfection. These masters of mixology create a symphony of flavours, presenting their creations in elegant glasses garnished with style and a touch of theatre. Every sip is an experience, appealing to the most discerning cocktail connoisseurs.

A Seat Fit for Royalty

To truly immerse yourself in the grandeur of Disrepute, reserve the best seats in the house. Choose from luxurious booth settings, where you can unwind in comfort, or opt for the corner area adorned with stunning gold and turquoise sofas. Indulge in the ambience and let the decadence of the surroundings enhance your evening.

Unwind at Disrepute: Chic Summer Cocktails

A Journey Through Time

Disrepute pays homage to the influential women who have shaped history, dedicating a selection of signature cocktails to female icons from the past ten decades. Whether you fancy a Rita Hayworth, a Carrie Bradshaw, or even a Naomi Campbell, each drink celebrates the timeless allure of classic cocktails that have defined the drinking scene through the ages. The menu offers a delightful array of choices, ensuring there’s something to suit every palate.

A Legacy of Glamour

Disrepute’s connection to scandalous history adds an extra layer of intrigue. This very site is said to be where John Profumo and Christine Keeler, figures entangled in a notorious affair, might have first crossed paths. Now, Disrepute pays tribute to these showgirls, actresses, and businesswomen who have left an indelible mark on the past century. It’s a place where their stories come to life, adding an element of allure to your night out.

An Oasis in the Heart of London

Amidst the bustling city, Disrepute stands as a haven for those seeking respite from the summer heat. Whether you’re planning a late-night liaison or simply unwinding with friends, this exclusive cocktail bar offers an intimate and inviting environment. Disrepute welcomes both members and non-members, ensuring that everyone can experience the magic within its walls.

Aperitivo Hour: An Early Evening Delight

Make the most of your visit by arriving during Aperitivo Hour, which takes place from Sunday to Thursday between 4 pm and 6 pm. During this time, you can enjoy special offers and promotions, making your experience at Disrepute even more memorable.

Unwind at Disrepute: Chic Summer Cocktails

Location and Contact Information

Disrepute is conveniently located at 4 Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London W1B 5PW. To secure your place at this remarkable establishment, book your reservation today.

Embrace the allure of Disrepute, the underground cocktail bar that transcends time and temperature. Let its exquisite cocktails, captivating ambience, and rich history transport you to a world of elegance and sophistication. Join us and discover why Disrepute is the epitome of London’s finest cocktail bars.