Vale do Lobo: Algarve’s Sought-After Destination for Active Wellness

Wellness tourism is witnessing unprecedented growth, transforming the travel industry. In fact, the Global Wellness Institute says wellness trips will make up 8.3% of all travel by 2027.

That’s up from 7.8% in 2022 and 5.8% a decade ago. This is a sign of a bigger societal shift towards health and wellbeing in the wake of global health crises.

Vale do Lobo: Algarve’s Premier Destination for Active Wellness

This sector is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.6% – way ahead of the overall tourism sector’s 14.9% CAGR.

These stats show the growing demand for wellness travel experiences as people want healthier, more balanced lives. Travellers are looking for destinations that offer not just relaxation but activities that promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Global Wellness Day Spotlight

One of the fastest-growing sectors within the industry is the trending ‘wellness tourism’.

Alda Filipe, Real Estate Director at Kronos Homes, notes the significant shifts in what wellness tourism now entails. “Vale do Lobo has been serving holidaymakers as a wellness escape for decades… There is now a far greater emphasis on ‘active wellness’ where holidaymakers want to engage in sports and join classes that get them moving.”

This is a bigger trend where wellness tourism is no longer just about relaxation. It’s about a more active approach to health and wellbeing.

Travellers are looking for opportunities to do physical activities that improve their fitness and energy. This includes everything from organised sports to group fitness classes in environments that promote overall wellbeing.

Boom in Wellness Real Estate

The global wellness real estate market has grown exponentially between 2019 and 2023. According to the Global Wellness Institute, this sector which includes homes and buildings designed to support holistic health went from $225 billion to $438 billion.

Vale do Lobo: Algarve’s Premier Destination for Active Wellness

This growth is ahead of other sectors in the wellness economy showing a big consumer shift towards health-conscious living spaces.

This market is proof that people and families are putting a high value on wellness. Homes with wellness features like better air quality, natural light and space for physical activity are in high demand.

This is driven by the growing awareness that our living spaces affect our health and well-being.

Vale do Lobo’s Active Wellness Appeal

Vale do Lobo, a luxury resort in the Algarve owned and operated by Kronos Homes, is the active wellness embodiment. The resort has activities for all ages so staying active in the Algarve sunshine is fun for everyone.

The natural beauty of the 450 hectares of greenery and 2 km of golden sandy beach provides a stunning setting for wellness activities.

Vale do Lobo: Algarve’s Premier Destination for Active Wellness

The resort’s active wellness is evident in its many options. Whether it’s a gentle walk through the picturesque trails, a game of tennis or a dynamic yoga class, Vale do Lobo has something for everyone.

This inclusive approach makes it a perfect destination for families looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while on holiday.

Golfing Excellence

Vale do Lobo is famous for its golfing facilities. The resort has two 18 hole championship golf courses, two of the best in the Algarve.

These courses are challenging for experienced golfers and host a busy calendar of events including Junior Golf Academies during school holidays. This focus on junior golf shows the resort is committed to golf across the generations.

Vale do Lobo: Algarve’s Premier Destination for Active Wellness

The new Golf Shop has just opened adding to the golfer’s experience. Stocked with the latest equipment and apparel it caters for all golfing needs so whether you’re an amateur or professional you can enjoy your time on the course. This golfing excellence makes Vale do Lobo the number-one destination for golfers.

Expanding Tennis and Padel Facilities

The Tennis Academy is another big attraction, with top facilities for tennis and padel players. The Academy has just been expanded with six padel courts in addition to its 12 tennis courts. Padel, a sport known for its accessibility and social nature, is growing in popularity worldwide and is for players of all ages and abilities.

This expansion shows the resort’s commitment to offering diverse and high-end sports options. The Tennis Academy has facilities, coaching and events so it’s a hub for competitive and social play. This setup means every guest, whatever their age, can find a sport that suits their interests and fitness level.

Aquatic Activities

Water activities are a big part of the wellness offering at Vale do Lobo. The Tennis Academy has a large swimming pool so guests can keep fit through swimming. The resort’s central Praça area has a beachfront pool for more relaxed water fun.

Vale do Lobo: Algarve’s Premier Destination for Active Wellness

Beyond the pools, the Vale do Lobo beach is a hot spot for water sports. From swimming to paddleboarding the beach has many options for guests to stay active and enjoy the Algarve coast. These water activities cater for all tastes so everyone can find a water activity they like.

Natural Trails for Fitness Enthusiasts

The Algarve’s natural beauty, especially the adjacent Ria Formosa Natural Park, has many opportunities for outdoor fitness. The resort’s trails are perfect for walking, running and cycling so guests can be in nature and active. The trails vary in difficulty so for casual walkers and serious runners.

Personalised training sessions and group trail runs are available for those who prefer guided activities. The fully equipped gym and various class options from boot camps to yoga and Pilates mean guests have a full fitness programme. This variety allows for a balanced approach to health, combining outdoor and indoor activities.

Royal Spa and Dining

The Royal Spa at Vale do Lobo is a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. With many treatments, the spa rebalances the mind and body. From massages to holistic therapies, the spa options are designed to complement the wellness activities at the resort.

To complement the spa experience the resort has 16 restaurants, bars and cafes with a wide range of healthy and delicious food. So guests can eat healthy and enjoy many culinary options. The focus on healthy food is part of the resort’s holistic approach to wellness, combining physical activity, relaxation and healthy eating.

Real Estate Opportunities

For those who want to make active wellness a part of their daily life, Vale do Lobo has many real estate options. The resort has various options from stylishly refurbished Golf Residences to plots with golf or ocean views. These properties are designed for those who want a luxurious and health focused lifestyle.

Vale do Lobo: Algarve’s Premier Destination for Active Wellness

The Owners’ Club adds to the property ownership experience with property management, community events and exclusive facilities and discounts. So owners can fully enjoy the benefits of living in a wellness community and make Vale do Lobo an attractive option for buyers.


Vale do Lobo is the ultimate active wellness destination, right in line with the global wellness real estate trend.

With its facilities, natural beauty and many activities it caters for the evolving wellness tourist looking for dynamic and fun health and fitness experiences.

The resort’s holistic approach ensures that guests can achieve a balanced lifestyle, making it an ideal destination for those committed to maintaining their well-being.

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